Gunnar Eversol is a supporting antagonist in the 2018 film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He is an auctioneer working with Eli Mills.

He was protrayed by Toby Jones.

History [edit | edit source]

Gunnar Eversol was a high ranking member of InGen and he had partnership with both of his co-workers, Commander Vic Hoskins and Eli Mills. After his boss was eaten by Delta the raptor, he and Eli have been plotting to continue working under Hoskins' tasks and to make profit of selling dinosaurs as military weapons via military organized auction.

As he comes to visit the base, Eli introduces him to The Indoraptor scheme, which was organized by Hoskins. Gunnar at first disagreed, but eventually he gave Eli permission to run an auction together with him. He conspires with Eli Mills to overthrow Benjamin Lockwood, therefore he comments that Mr. Lockwood will be having a good night. He tries to auction each dinosaur, but Owen eventually sets them all free.

He sends Ken Wheatley to check what has happened with The Indoraptor. However, Ken gets killed by the fearsome hybrid dinosaur, which escapes it's cage once again. Gunnar runs into the lift, and almost manages to escape. However, the Indoraptor manages to deactivate the lift and open it's doors, and then it kills Gunnar.

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