Now the world burns in hate's flames! and chaos reigns!
~ Goenitz

Goenitz is a main villains and antagonist of game The King of Fighters 96.


Background Edit

Not if much about living of Goenitz and your past the only thing who we know is who him she the leader of Hakkeshu organization, who knowing who your owe since when she child. Because for decided to be priest, Goenitz soon begins your plans for awaken Orochi, finding other Hakkeshu for could the to help releases Orochi. While his would go search someone who a host for Orochi, Goenitz meets the arms dealer Rugal Bernstein trying steal the forcer Orochi for yourself the two begins fight Goenitz wins best he the defeat with facility without demonstrates many effort only he looked Rugal as your host so he takes the right-eye, and gives a portion of power Orochi for Rugal, he also sends Vice and Mature two Hakkeshu as secretaries his for who observed the steps of Rugal and who would help the in begins organizes the your tournament The King of Fighters who would go select fighters best of all the world for the KOF 94 and after more for front in 95.

After Goenitz go behind of Gaidel for recruit who also was a Hakkeshu as Goenitz only who Gaidel refuse if together the Hakkeshu, only who Goenitz was disgusted of Gaidel who had a life peaceful is not was wanting if get together to Hakesshu as revenge for if oppose the forcer Orochi, he catch your daughter and the does this in state of berserk fury who does she commit all one mass murderers leaving an true bloodbath in place who she was over there, who the in future would leave with a traumatized for caused from this who she would be adopted for Heidern when child, Goenitz after took out your memories of what happened for who she not if remember of who happened for who his to continue with plan of awakening Orochi, Knowing who the seal of Orochi not would be broken with facility he decided go behind of those heirs of clans who sealed Orochi.

He thinks the Yata family and killed the heirs, he killed Maki Kagura in the front of her twin sister Chizuru Kagura, after Chizuru descovers who Goenitz wish organize the tournament The King of Fighters 96 so Chizuru go behind of Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami at intention of defeat Goenitz and maintain Orochi seal forever, Goenitz sends Vice and Mature do team with Iori for who lookout while he go behind of Kyo for test Goenitz defeat Kyo with easy, Kyo and decided do a truce about your rivalry for while after Iori and more with help of Chizuru the three if together for decided fight against Goenitz, with your power combined he they can defeat Goenitz who disappeared and died.

KOF 96 Edit

In KOF 96 Goenitz is the boss main the of game the final true is when you finished with three of Kusanagi or Kyo, Iori and Chizuru, the also may player finished with Goenitz with any other character of game who not go Interact with or Goenitz and Chizuru during the cutscene only Goenitz, of same who you may do with Chizuru.

KOF 97 Edit

In The King of Fighters 97 appeared in flashback during when Leona Heidern ends staying in only forms berserk.

KOF 98 Edit

In Dream Match of game with name The King of Fighters 98 in who all the undead return life as Omega Rugal, Goenitz and Orochi also may if boss of game only who some cutscene are removed of original game.

KOF 2002 Edit

On second Dream Match of much similar with KOF 98 the KOF 2002 also again with various character undead returned the life, is also Goenitz in game him as second boss before of Rugal.

KOF Sky Stage Edit

In this history Goenitz appeared as boss in a shooting game. He talk and fight against player, after of defeated him escapes.

Appearance Edit

Goenitz is a man from middle age high and with hair black and yellow, with skin white, which uses clothes of priest with blue color.

Personality Edit

Goenitz is totally loyal the entity Orochi and he is totally fanatics to his ideals, he also can being cruel for get his goals, while he killed Maki Kagura the sister of Chizuru or also while did Leona all in villages including his father Gardel, he also if being totally misantrope in relationship to humans. He also looks to demostrate hostile for character from origen demonic as Demitri Maximoff and Red Arremer.

Powers Edit

  • Slashing Hand: Goenitz use his hand as if were a knife.
  • Create Hurricane: Goenitz can create hurricanes and tornadoes for his will.
  • Control Wind: Goenitz is able of create and stop wind currents when him want.
  • Aerokinesis: He has control total about his currents from wind.
  • Cutting Wind: He also can create blades of wind.
  • Translocation: Goenitz can if teleport the any place which he want to.
  • Flight: Goenitz can fly his powers of air.
  • Orochi Powers: Powers which Goenitz has some control about power Orochi.
  • Give Power: Goenitz also can give to humans Orochi power. So as had done with Rugal.
  • State Berserk: As Heavently King, Goenitz can activate the state berserk in people which have a part of Orochi blood, as he did with Leona in village, and Iori also of his presumed death.


Goenitz has similar with Caleb (Buffy) both are priest and extremely loyal at his leader Caleb for First Evil and Goenitz to Orochi, and also both are pure evil.