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Goblin Lord is one of the greatest antagonists that appeared in Goblin Slayer, he also appeared in both novel, anime and manga. He is the main antagonist of the Volume 1 of novels and the final antagonist of the first season of the anime. Unlike the other Goblins who are irrational and violent beasts that are driven by sexual desire, Goblin Lord is the only goblin to show intelligence and manipulation to form a kingdom of Goblin were humans will be enslaved and killed.



As a child he and his nest were soon killed by an Adventure working for a guild. And when the women found him, he begged for his life, because he was defenseless. She then spared her life on the condition that she never do anything wrong to the other species. However when she turned her back on him, he killed her by hitting her with a stone in the head as an act of revenge. As time goes by, when the Goblin Lord really learns how the world works, he becomes an ingenious, strategist and brutal, he also finds that humans are as cruel or more than their own race, and that they kill the goblins. For money, because of being treated as the weakest of goblins, he developed a feeling of hatred for women making him a misogynist, and raped them only to make them suffer differently from the other goblins of his kind who raped them to reproduce your race. At one point, he and his new nest attacked a village and killed children and women, he placed women as breeders of his nest. And when a barbarian arrived and began killing all his horde of goblins, being the last of them and knowing that he could not beat him, Goblin Lord immediately took a woman hostage and threw the hostage on his arm and impaled them both. Afterwards Goblin Lord took the barbarian ax, and becomes the king of the goblins after becoming wiser than the other goblins, while some died by their own incopetence.

Goblin Slayer[]

After many years of breeding their army and kidnapping women and girls and raping them and killing them when it was of no use, Goblin Lord soon prepares to attack the town of Goblin Slayer and using his childhood friend who go to Cow Girl in order to kill the adventures and reproduce their execution to form a goblin nation. After invading Goblin Lord made a speech to all the other goblins and discussed the strategy using the dirtiest methods he always uses, the Goblin Lord also ordered the goblins to use women as a human shield, tying them to immobilize human strenght. But before they could begin they were attacked by the Dwarf Shaman who put them all to sleep while the Adventures attacked, that he did not give up and sent the next platoon of Goblins to attack the enemies. 

During the long battle between the goblin horde and the Adventures, and the goblins are eventually killed, only the Goblin Champions are left to give him time to flee as he intended to rebuild his army with the women and start all over again, however he it is soon pursued by the Goblin Slayer, that Goblin Lord kicks the Goblin Slayer and tired of humiliating him, he prepares to kill him. However he is soon intercepted by the Priestess who uses the barrier against him, and Goblin Lord states that wrath breaks the barrier and it both physically and mentally. However his attempts are flawed and he begs for his life knowing that violence would not help, remembering how easy women are to deceive. But his appeals go hollow when Goblin Slayer wakes up and kills him by cutting off his head.


While most Goblins look small, slim and ugly. The Goblin Lord is taller than the other Goblins and much more muscular than the other Goblins, almost on the same level as the Goblin Champions. However it is known if all goblins can assume this physical body level if they stay if they live for a long time. He also wears a crown on his head and a goatee and armor, he opposed a high grade battle ax, engraved with a lion, and also a weapon taken from a barbarian that he killed some time ago.


Goblin Lord becomes the only goblin with ambitious plans, instead only killing or raping can lead his race. The Goblin Lord was a tyrant, and a violent and sociopath more than the others goblins, and saw humans only as slaves and toys. Unlike the other goblins that are many wild and ironic beasts, the Goblin Lord most of the time has been manipulating adventurous humans to later kill him, the Goblin Lord is even more inteligent than the other goblins in terms of strength, and thanks also to that and to his charisma the others goblins blindly obey him. He is also little intorerant of failure as he kills those of his own specimen if they fail. Goblin Lord is also sadistic, since he enjoys physical pain and delights in it and breaks the limbs of his victims before killing him. He also taunts and manipulates others to his own ambition, he is also a coward since mentioned by himself that he doesn't even care about his own kind if his life was at risk.



  • Goblin Lord is the only one of his kind shown to have intelligence and to speak in the series, since the other goblins only communicated with gestures.