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Erich Ludendorff
Erich Lundendorff
Background information
Feature films Wonder Woman (2017)
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Danny Huston
Performance model
Character information
Other names Lundendorff
Personality ambitious, tyrannical, loyal, power-hungry, serious, tough, selfish, ruthless, charismatic
Occupation German Military general and official
Affiliations Evil
Goal To conquer England for the German military and win World War I, at all costs (failed)
To assist Dr. Maru in her plans to conquer the world, and prove her gas as an ultimate weapon (failed)
Home Germany
Friends Dr. Isabelle Maru, The German Emperor
Enemies Wonder Woman, Ares/Sir Patrick Morgan
Minions German soldiers, Steve Trevor (briefly)
Likes Power, success in his plans, winning wars, Maru's toxic weaponry, conquering and terrorizing England
Dislikes England, defeat, failure
Powers and abilities Endurance, superhuman strength, command on soldiers
Weapons Gun
Fate Gets killed by Wonder Woman while watching over Dr. Maru's facility
Typical Saying "What are you?!?"

General Erich Ludendorff is the tertiary antagonist in the 2017 film, Wonder Woman. He is a ruthless and tyrannical General of the German army during the World War I, who teams up with the mad scientist Isabelle Maru to conquer England, and he supports her scheme to use toxic gas on the civilians. At first, Ludendorff was one of Wonder Woman's big enemies. However, he was later revealed to only have been a pawn for both Dr. Maru and Ares (who are responsible for the entire world war).

He is portrayed by actor Danny Huston.

History Edit

Working with Maru Edit

He was one of the generals in The German Military, and he was secretly assisting Dr. Maru's ambitious scheme, in order to continue the war, and gain more control over England. However, Steve Trevor, disguised as one of his soldiers, has stolen Maru's notebook, which contains a masterplan of bombing England with gas. As Maru asked him for more time to complete her scheme, Ludendorff told her that unfortunately, the German military will not give her more time. Dr. Maru tried to talk him into continuing and helping her out, however, she quickly gets histerical when she finds out that Trevor has stolen her notebook, containing the entire scheme against England and for far more damage. Dr. Maru ordered the soldiers around the base to kill Trevor for his betrayal. However, Trevor escaped by plane and threw a grenade onto Maru's facility in The Ottoman Empire. Maru and Ludendorff both escape by car. Ludendorff is called to Dr. Maru's office, and on the way, he i9s greeted by one of his lietuants for his return to Germany. The lietuant tells Ludendorff that he had neither food or sleep. Ludendorff however angrily claims that neither did he have food nor sleep, and that the captain does not hear him complaining. After a short argument, Ludendorff angrily shoots his lietuant on the head. As he came to review Dr. Maru's toxic weaponry, Dr. Maru tells the General Erich Ludendorff about the armistice which the German emperor plans to sign. Ludendorff tries to please Maru, and states that he believes in her and not in her book. Maru then reveals Ludendorff that she has been working on a formula which he can inhale to become a superhuman. Manipulating Ludendorff into continuing the war and using her masterplan as a strategy, she tells the pleased general Ludendorff that if he does whatever she expects from him, the results will be terrible. Ludendorff seemed to be shocked and frightened when Maru developed her deadliest form of toxic gas, and showed him how it burns a gas mask. General Ludendorff was later present in a meeting with The German Military officials. Erich Lundendorff suggested that The German Military should continue the war and support Dr. Maru's scheme, in order to protect Germany and win the first world war against England. The German Military officials have declined him, and have stated that they aren't faithful to him or his witch. An angered Lundendorff sarcastically remarked that the war is over for all of them. Maru, who stood behind the door, had revealed herself as she threw gas bombs into the office. Ludendorff and Maru locked the military officials in the office, causing a massive gas explosion, which has killed the military officials in the room.

Attacking Civilians Edit

Following Maru's strategies, Erich Lundendorff had commanded a successful attack on a German village, managing to use the newborn toxic gas and kill innocents. However, most of the villagers were saved by Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Lundendorff and Maru have later hosted a ball gala, as they would celebrate the wrath of Maru's weapon. In the party, he had encountered Wonder Woman, whom thought that he was really Ares. He briefly danced with Wonder Woman, and told her that the ancient Greeks believed that winning a war could turn you into an all powerful god. Wonder Woman tried to kill him, but she was stopped by Steve, who thought that killing him will only cause more trouble. Maru has then fired her secret weapon, as it covered a nearby village with gas, and it destroyed thousands of innocents.

Death Edit

Ludendorff then guards Dr. Maru as she and her researchers prepare the equipment for upcoming massive attacks, which she had organized on different locations all over Europe. Maru has prepared a plane to destroy the central area of London.

Wonder Woman later invaded to Maru's facility, where she killed dozens of the guards. Wonder Woman had invaded the watchtower, and there, she has encountered Lundendorff. Lundendorff inhaled Maru's chemical, and he had remorselessly fought Wonder Woman with his superpowers, though he was still no match for her. Ludendorff tries to stab Wonder Woman's chest with a sword. However, Wonder Woman furiously blocks the sword, and continues fighting the general. Wonder Woman jumps and ensnares Ludendorff with the lasso of truth. She then stabs Ludendorff's chest with the sword, and kills General Ludendorff while still believing that he might be Ares. However, Wonder Woman soon realizes that he was only another puppet for Sir Patrick Morgan, who was the true culprit during the war. The soldiers have continued to pack Maru's equipment, as the mad doctor was almost ready to launch more attack with her gas weapons. Sir Patrick Morgan, revealed to be Ares, was trying to convince Wonder Woman that she is the ultimate weapon against humanity.

Personality Edit

General Ludendorff was believed to be one of Germany's most loyal militants. However, intending to take over Britain, he had to team up with Dr. Poison and betray his own allies as part of her scheme. He is ruthless, tyrannical and delusional, and all he cares about is winning the first world war. However, Ludendorff is no comparison to his overtly evil partner, Dr. Poison, who wanted the world to fear her gas, or Ares, who wanted to destroy humanity.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Leadership: As a General of German army, Erich Ludendorff has great control over the latter.

Skilled Fighter: Erich Ludendorff appears to be a highly skilled combatant, seen in the trailers as being able to fight Wonder Woman and even pin her against a wall during their fight, despite being a human.

Endurance: despite being a human, he seem to have a great and good endurance, being able take a hit from Wonder Woman as seen in the trailers.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is inspired by the real-life Erich Ludendorff, a General of the German army who had lead the latter during the World War I.
  • He was believed by Wonder Woman to be Ares, until the moment where Sir Patrick Morgan revealed himself to be Ares.