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We're going to build a nation for the Reploids. That's our ultimate goal. We'll fight anyone who tries to interfere with our independence.
~ General about his speech to Repliforce

General is a main antagonist that appeared in Megaman X4.


General is a giant robber and leader of Repliforce. A Maverick Hunter group set up to help the Maverick Hunters against the Mavericks, although they did not show signs of Mavericks. Sigma soon tries to convince General that soon the Maverick Hunters would turn against the Repliforce. Already he reasoned that the goal of the Maverick Hunters is to destroy anyone who opposes humanity. The General soon dismisses him not wanting to betray the humans, Sigma leaves but warns that he will soon change his mind. 

Some time later, the floating city of Sky Lagoon is destroyed by Mavericks and falls to the ground killing much people in the process. Because of Repliforce's presence in the city, the Maverick Hunters label all Repliforce members as Mavericks. Disguisted with this, the General soon decides to start with coup for independence so he can build his own nation of Reploids. Although the General wanted to avoid the conflict the Maverick Hunter are called to action and forced to fight against Repliforce, even through Magma Dragoon had been revealed as the real culprit. Then the General becomes distrustful paranoid and builds a huge laser satelite Final Weapon where he thought of starting his utopian nation. X and Zero confront the General who refuses to settle with them, they then fight and General is defeated. The laser cannon is activated but the General realizes that someone should be controlling, X and Zero go behind the gun and realizes that Sigma is behind this all the time, putting the two groups, Maverick Hunter and the Repliforce one agaisnt each other since they demonstrated a threat to the plans from Sigma. After that Sigma is defeated, General sacrifices using his own body to follow up with his men who died in battle.