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Garfield or also known as Gorefield is the main antagonist of Garfield Gameboy'd.


Garfield's story is unknown, and how he even managed to turn into a mutant demon is still a mystery. However, it is known that his death soon began when Garfield killed neighbor, Jon his owner scares behind the TV while Garfield wanders down the hall trying to find him, while Liz waits for Jon, but Garfield may assume that Garfield may have killed her in the process. Jon tearfully shoots Garfield in his eye with a shotgun, and agent Nermal tries to save Arelene. However, Garfield bites him and takes his right hand. Jon later sets fire to the house, but Garfield still survives the blast, and nuclear weapons are placed on Jon and Garfield that explode in the process. Jon still survives while Garfield survives too and flies with one of his wings to an unknown location.

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