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Fondue is the titular main villain protagonist of the adult webcomic Cruel Giantess Fondue-chan's Sexy Slaughter Time. She is a mysterious giant girl who likes doing destructive things and seems to have a hatred of mankind.


Fondue's past is unknown, but she somehow became a powerful giantess with supernatural powers and has gained a massive god complex who desires world domination.

Fondue first appears breaking the fourth wall by introducing herself and talking to the readers about how she likes doing bad things and plans to go to the human world so she can go on a rampage and kill as many humans as she can. She enters the human world and arrives in a huge city. Fondue steps on a car and crushes it, killing the driver in the process. Fondue checks out the view of the city and spots a large group of people and decides to stomp on them one by one. She then grabs some innocent people on top of a building and crushes them in the palm of her hand.

Fondue sits down on top of a large building, just to get a little rest, but it couldn't support her weight and it collapsed, killing all the people inside. Fondue then spots a helicopter with a news crew heading her way. She gets incredibly angry and embarrassed of being filmed, she picks up a building (with people still inside) and throws it straight at the helicopter, destroying it and killing both the film crew and people still inside the building.

Fondue's stomach growls and feels incredibly hungry and heads to the grand hotel building and gives the citizens a sadistic choice that if they don't come up on the rooftop she will crush the building and kill everyone inside. But some of the people panic and run out of the hotel, but they are stopped by Fondue and she grabs them by her right hand and gobbles them up whole, committing the act of cannibalism in doing so. All the people inside her get melted away due to acids in her body.

After seeing the cruelty that she has commited on the innocent people of city. she gets horny. "After seeing something so sexy there is no way I could hold back. I wanna keep slaughtering in the cruelest, hottest ways possible," she says and starts to mastrabate. She grows up in size and her cum spreads in the city, melting and killing people. Her cum falls on buildings as well as running people. Then she inserts her pussy in a tall building with people inside it. She feels as if she is having sex with the city. The building starts to melt sealing the fate of helpless people trapped inside. After enjoying the sex she goes on to slaughter more and more humans.


Fondue is a highly sadistic teenage girl who loves causing destruction and mayhem. She enjoys being a giantess and showing-off her large size by torturing and killing people and destroying city buildings for pleasure. Fondue is also extremely egotistical, as she has a massive god complex and cares about no one but herself and she considers herself by better than everyone else in the entire world.


  • Fondue's name means the french word for "Melt".