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Flora Martin is the secondary antagonist who appeared on the Criminal Minds episode The Bond in season eleven.

She is portrayed by Veronica Cartwright.



When Flora was thirty years old, she was soon approached by a truck driver who took her to the bathroom and raped her. During the hospital, Flora gave birth to her son named Randy. She then started to kill for six truckers before meeting her rapist, Flora later with the help of her son Randy, found her rapist and killed her revenge by killing him. After that, Flora was taken by the police and institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital. However, later on when Randy became an adult, and Flora soon manipulated him into becoming a serial killer just like her.

Criminal Minds[]

The Bond[]

After that, Randy started visiting Flora in the psychiatric prison, she also manipulated him to kill everyone who was against Flora, Randy then killed them all which caught the attention of the BAU, who soon realized the pattern and managed to save Chloe from Randy's hands, which were later also institutionalized, after that Flora appears in the front of the mirror taking a pill and reflecting in the mirror.