Female Carnotaurus
Background information
Feature films Dinosaur
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, brutal, ruthless
Occupation Male Carnotaurus' mate
Goal To kill Aladar and his herd, destroy the Nesting Grounds and rule the Dinosaur Kingdom.
Friends Male Carnotaurus, Velociraptors
Enemies Aladar, Bruton
Minions Male Carnotaurus, Velociraptors
Likes Killing
Dislikes Aladar
Powers and abilities
Weapons Claws, teeth
Fate Gets crushed to death by some heavy rocks
Typical Saying

The Female Carnotaurus is the secondary antagonist of Dinosaur. She is smaller than her mate and is his minion.

Background Edit

Physical Appearance

She is a vicious-looking, meat-eating dinosaur with red scales, a large tail, sharp teeth, and short horns. She is smaller and physically weaker than her mate.

Appearances Edit


She first appears at the middle of the film when she and her mate scare off a pack of Velociraptors from the remains of a Struthiomimus. The pair then go after the herd in which Aladar, his lemur family and dinosaur friends are in by following the tracks left behind.

Later, Bruton and a scout are attacked by the Carnotaurus while searching for water. Bruton escapes to warn Kron, albeit injured, as the scout is killed by them. As soon as Bruton tells Kron, he is left behind to fend for himself, having unintentionally led the predators to the rest of the herd. That night, the Carnotaurs stop for water before noticing new tracks in the distance and resuming their hunt.

Later, as Aladar, his family, friends and Bruton take shelter from a rainstorm in a cave, the Carnotaurs inevitably discover them and attack. Bruton comes to the rescue and sacrifices himself by causing a cave-in, burying the Female Carnotaurus. The Male Carnotaurus survives, however, leaving and roaring in vengeance, before continuing his search for the herd.

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