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Creel is the secondary antagonist of the first half of the second season of the TV series, Gotham. He is the tyrannical leader of The Order of St. Dumas and is responsible for most of the saga's events.


Creel is the supreme leader of The Order of St. Dumas. He at first reveals to Gordon his plot reshape Gotham and kill Bruce Wayne so he can end the prophecy. Creel and his men later start attacking Gotham, as Creel manipulates his men into believing that all citizens are sinners and they should be killed. He also attacks a nightclub in which he eventually finds Bruce and takes him as a hostage. As they get to the penthouse of Theo and Tabitha Galavan, he declares that the son of Gotham shall be killed and manipulates the crowd into believing that all ancestors are now watching his "holy" deeds. However, before he sadistically stabs Bruce to death, Silver betrays him and demands that he doesn't kill Bruce. As Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Oswald Cobblepot enter the scene, Theo retreats and takes Tabitha and Silver with him, though they aren't so loyal to him anymore. Creel however does not retreat, and he orders his followers to kill Jim and his crew. Jim asks him to drop his dagger, so they can put things behind. Creel then reveals he has corrupted everyone, sarcastically asking in which scene it's over. Creel then jumps and attacks Gordon, but just before he can reach, Bullock shoots him, causing the ruthless leader and fraud to fall on the ground.