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Father, formerly known as The Dwarf In The Flask, is the main antagonist of Hiromu Arakawa's Manga/Anime series Full Metal Alchemist, and its second anime adaptation. He is the father and leader of the 7 homunculi who created them with his own personal sinful desires. 



The Father was created by Von Hohenhein who at the time did not have that later the Father also showed a lot of despleasure for humans, he also manipulated King Xerxes and his guards who promised that he would give immortality after many time Hohenhein already adult, he then inganed the King Xerxes and his guards who had their souls absorbed by the philosopher's stone, when Father and Hohenhein absorvered the stone, the Father had a body an identical with the Hohenhein and immotality that while the Hohenhein had immortality.  

Creation of the Homunculus

To assist in his plan to become god, the Father then went on colliding living souls to create the philosopher's stone he then created seven homunculi based on the seven, using the philosopher's stone being that one was human.

The Ishval's Massacre

The Envy thn under the orders of the Father, he became one of the offcers who was against the preconceptions of the Ishval, he shot a child disguised as an alchemist, who thereby caused the war of Ishval and because of this many Ishvalians were extinguished and their souls entered the philosopher's stone.

The Capture of Greed

After his fight against King Bradley that he lost, he was then captured and taken to the location of the homunculi, he then in the beginning he provokes the Envy but soon the Father arrives and tells the brothers not to quarrel after this the Greed is dead and turn a stone.

From inside the Gluttony

In the intention to try avenge death of Lust, Gluttony fights against the brothers Elrich and Roy Mustang along with Ling, the Mustang attacks Gluttony with its flames but absorved them then the Mustang without another exit runs with Ed, Al and Ling of Gluttony, Mustang flees in the car of Hawkaye since he was no match for Gluttony with its absorption powers, Envy arrives and tells him that he can not kill the Mustang that he is a sacrifice.

After their fight the Envy against the Ling and the brothers Elrich against Gluttony the fight was balanced towards the side of the Envy more however the Gluttony in the intention of trying to swallow the Ling finished accidentally swallowed the Ling, Ed and the Envy together.

With no other choice, Gluttony decides to take Alphonse in the Father's territory, and there Father takes them all from within the body of Gluttony, Ed confronts Father and asks why appearance is similar to that of Von Hohenhein with this Father is surprised to discover the brothers Elrich are children of Hohenhein he then heals the wounds of the brothers Elrich, Ling then arrives and questions what is inside the body of the Father, with this he overcomes the Ling by him human and sends Gluttony, so that Ed in the defense of Ling attacks the more unsuccefully, he has a fight but he ends soon because Father seals the abilities of the Elrich brothers to use alchemy.

Soon after Scar arrives, then Ed taking advantage of the opportunity he reveals the whole truth about Ishval's war and that the responsible ones are the homunculi, after Scar hears it he gets furious and both attack Envy and Gluttony homunculi, he also attacked the Father using the alchemy thought it is blocked by the Father, not seeing another escape he flees along with Mei Chang and Xiao-Mei, the Elrich brothers are escolted out, that while the Father puts a homunculus inside the Ling he reveals himself as Greedy.

The Sacrifices

The Father along with Pride forces the Mustang to enter the door of truth with the Hawkaye under life and death he enters makes the homunculi did send, in the process he is blind, Father stills mocks the efforts of Mustang he then enters the door of truth absorbs souls with its true form, after this it ends up becoming god.


The Father in his god form he then make miniature replica of the sun to attack all the world that is there, but before he can attack the Hoheinhein blocks their powers by engulfing some souls, then the Father desperate for the philosopher's stone begins to attacks all the officers, with this all attacks the Father, although it blocks most of the attacks of his adversaries, then Greed attacks the Father more, the Father absorbs him and kills him at once, after a long struggle with the Father weakened Ed manages to defeat him and he is absorbed by another dimension and he is killed by the Truth. 


The Father was a homunculus of the jar, he was attentive and also witty, he had a sharp tongue that would cease to speak that he thinks even if it was in a disrepair, he also always ridiculed the including Von Hohenhein while in his way of life, he was so arrogant that even in the form of a bottle he was superior to humans. This complex of superiority led him to become a complex of divinity when he became a living philosopher stone having immense powers and immortality comforted him, also considers humanity insignificant and weak even always treats the person and his feelings with one such indiference.  

When separating from his seven sins he was cold and practically without emotion as he is in his goal he loses his calm and ends up demonstrating a perversion and joy, he also demonstrated if a little narcissistic, he caused many massacres only to create the philosopher's stone only to conclude his selfish desire to turn god.    


The Father can use alchemy by completely ignoring the law of equivalent excharge plus he could create homunculus, and countain his powers in some way like when he succeded in talking out Edward Elrich, Ling and Envy, when he is in his true evolved form with a black skin and only one eye he can stretch from an imaginable besides having the healing factor he can also seal the powers of the users of alchemy.

In the form of god the Father could do anything he wanted since he was omnipotent and omnicient, he could also against th universe with a wink and also make a miniature of the sun.


First Form


His first form is when he is in the form of the man of the bottle he only one eye has no arms and legs and its appearance and the size of a bottle.

Two Form


In his second form the Father has a very similar appearance to that of Von Hohenhein so it looks more aged.

Three Form


Already in his thrid form the Father has an appearance thst is very similar in his first form only that he is taller in the size of a human, he has eye and a dark skin.

Four Form

Father Full Metal Alchemist.png

In his god-like form he looked very similar when Von Hohenhein was young.


  • The Father is very similar to Lucifer since both felt envy of their creator both Lucifer to God, and Father to Von Hohenhein both were very manipulative and manipulated their own allies Father to King Xerxes, Lucifer to the demons both are also defeated by the protagonist, Lucifer was defeated by the Dean with an knife that while the Father was defeated by Edward Elrich.