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The Evil Robot or also known as Trio in Archie Comics, he was totally by the energy of evil.


The story and the past life of Evil Robot and this name was left unexplained in Megamam 8. He fought Duo in which he was killed in battle and his evil energy was removed by Dr. Wily, in which the Duo tried to destroy from the beginning of the game. In his adaptation of the manga Megaman Gigamix, in a flashback in episode 42 of Archie Comics, his names was Trio. He was former ally of Duo who belonged to the galactic police known as Star Marshals. 20,000 years later in the past, they are showm to be the enemy of the main antagonist Super Adventure Rockman. Trio and his teanmate, the Quartet, they decimated The Kuiper Droids who server the main antagonist Ra Moon, and they also created a robbery that would later be called as Shadow Man. The survival of the latter is by the fact that the Trio preferred to betray his own teanmates to obtain the power that was promised by Ra Moon, (including the energy of evil), he eventually left the Quartet dead in the process. Trio then allowed the Shadow Man to escape and take Ra Moon to safety, while he would make up an excuse for his superiors.