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Evie Pierpont is the main antagonist of the episode ''A Daze of Wine and Roaches'' on CSI: NY in the third season of the series.


Evie is presented as a rich and educated 15-year-old girl and heir to the family's pharmaceutical company. At the beginning of the episode, it seemed that she was concerned with fundraising and what would happen to the Consulate General of France in Manhattan. And the French Revolution was her theme, she soon took her French tutor Simone to a simulation guillotine and before launching the fake blade and falling on Simone, she had already been poisoned by Evie without knowning it. Then when Simone died, Evie prentended to be sad and was comforted by Stella. However, after Evie's repeated cries, Stella soon realized that she was a sociopath, this was seen when Stella did the tear tests. And Evie killed Simone because she accidentally killed Charlie Cooper, and that she was with him. However, during the investigations Evie went unpunished for lack of evidence.