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Why don't you just give up and die?!
~ Eva Beatrice

Eva Beatrice is the main antagonist in Umineko no Naku Koro ni. She is a representation of Eva Ushiromya's negative emotions. The Ushiromiya family held a family conference on the island of Rokkenjima until they were arrested on an island in the storm. And to decide who will be the head of the family they will have to solve an epitaph, but then when Beatrice passed her name to Eva Beatrice and her powers she became the Golden Witch.



Eva Beatrice first appeared when Eva Ushiromiya was angry with her father and brother, and Eva Beatrice encouraged her to be better than them. Then when Eva solves the epitaph it would lead her to become the head of the family. Then Eva Beatrice appeared and gave her name to her. After that she becomes the Golden Witch, however after that she continued with Beatice's game and first contacted Leviathan and Belphegor to perform the task, but nevetheless they are defeated by Kyrie and Rudolf Ushiromiya. Not supporting failures, Eva Beatrice then sends Chiester 410 and 45 that they kill Kyrie and Rudolf, they would still continues the killings for Eva, she also kills Eva's husband Hideyoshi, until later they would be stopped by Battler. In the end she faces Battler in a question and answer game in which she loses, after which she then gets burned and disappears.


Eva Beatrice is a cruel witch who likes to torture her victims by playing with her magic, she has also shown herself to be totally arrogant, sadistic and a cruel narcissistic, besides that she shares with her human counterpart her greed because she was enchanted with gold wanting only for you. In addition, she also showed whether a spoiled and childlike girl was shown her reactions when Ronove held her. However, she showed affection towards George.


Eva Beatrice has a similar appearance with Eva Ushiromiya, except that she looks like in her early teens and doesn't wear a bun, she has red hair, and blue eyes. At the beginning she also wore a sailor's outfit in elementary school with blue measurements with smaller white details and with lines on the collar and a ribbon. But then when she becomes the Golden Witch, her outfit looks similar to Beatrice's except for a few different details with a hat on her head.


  • George - son
  • Ronove - furnite
  • Chiester Siesters Imperial Guards Corps - furnite
  • Eva Ushiromiya - original body
  • Ange-Beatrice - succesor
  • Beatrice - predecessor
  • The Seven Stakes of Purgatory - furnite