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Eruza Nakanishi is the Female Antagonist from Killing Bites who joins Yatsubishi Zaibatsu. She tortures Takeshi Kido in any slights after He tries to kills Hitomi Uzaki's lifeless body never survives.

She is the Younger Sister of Taiga Nakanishi and the Fan of Ichinosuke Okojima who suddenly abuses His rivalry, Ryoko Arashina for thinking about destroying Yuuya Nomoto. She likes to abuses Ui Inaba after She retreats Be cuz She doesn't want to kill Everyone.


Eruza appears to be a young girl (a high schooler to be exact) with a Small Statues, Lil Chests, shoulder length caramel brown hair tied in short twintails with a pair of sphere-shaped ornaments and brownish-orange eyes. She also had Her Panty, White luckily her Finger had Pink Panty where Hitomi paid Her vengeance on Her.

If only She did transforms, Eruza had a pair of fluffy cheetah ears and tail, claws and feet as well as snaggleteeth. She also wears a Cheetah print tube top and sarong during the destroyale. And Eruza never wears a Panty causing by Oonuma (who kills the Bunny Girl over Ui).


She's a little Spoiled, Bitch and Quiet Playful, as She stole Hitomi's Panties and ran away gleefully with Them just to make the former chase after Her. Eruza has very keen interest on Muscular Ratel, One that's Borderline Sexual proven by constant advances on Her, speciallu during nekomimi maid photo session.


She is also voided by the Japanese Voice Actress, Maaya Uchida who is also known as Katrina Claes from Villainess Anime.

Despite her role, She looks like a Deuteragonist and Tritagonist of Her in Yatsubishi Zaibatsu.

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