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Eric Rawdon is the main antagonist of the eleventh season of Criminal Minds episode known as The Storm. He is sadistic anarchist leader who only wants chaos.



Eric Rawdon was born on December 2, 1986, he was a lot of information about Rawdon's past life. All he has information about Rawdon is that he is sadistic psychopath and an anarchist who only wants destruction. And although he is part of the white supremacy, he himself does not have his ideas and is only in the group due to chaos. He also manipulated a man named Asher Douglas who is the son of the serial killer, Antonia Slade. While Rawdon plans his escape from prison with explosive.

Criminal Minds[]

The Storm[]

Rawdon and the group then made a rebellion, and managed to release others prisoners, and had a confrontation with the police, where they killed several guards in the process. Johnson also informed them that BAU was present, and they released several serial killers, and criminals that BAU had arrested, including Peter Lewis, and Tommy Yates. However, Rawdon's group was frustated, and soon they were caught by BAU, Rawdon killed an unnamed guard, and almost killed Spence Reid and Jennifer Jareau before being arrested.


  • Rawdon's personality is very reminiscent of Arrow's Lonnie Machin, as both as sadistic psychopaths. However, Machin has achieved that moral horizon, and is a Pure Evil, meanwhile, despite Rawdon's no redeeming qualities, he is failed to do heideous enough crimes like Machin.