Eli Mills
Background information
Feature films Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Rafe Spall
Performance model
Inspiration Justin Hammer, Mr. Waternoose From Monsters Inc, Alexander Pierce, Peter Ludlow
Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, arrogant, insane, mean, cruel, greedy, murderous, dangerous, stubborn, sarcastic, merciless, rich, graceful, formal, strict, sadistic, power-hungry, charismatic, heartless, baleful, selfish, argumentative, temperamental, dishonest, violent, pompous, lying, abusive, jealous, devious, hateful, ruthless, intolerant of failure, cold-hearted, traitorous, rude, brutal, unfriendly, unkind, uncaring, powerful, manipulative, mad, wrathful, cowardly
Occupation Financial Director of the Lockwood Estate (formerly), auctioneer
Affiliations Bad
Goal Sell the dinosaurs to make a profit and become rich (partially succeeded)
To kill Owen Grady and Claire Dearing to prevent them from interfering with his plans (failed)
Use the Indominus rex DNA sample to create more hybrid dinosaurs (failed)
Home 1330 bruns wick dr. Clear water, fl. 33756
Friends Ken Wheatley, Gunnar Eversol, Dr. Henry Wu, Claire Dearing (formerly), Benjamin Lockwood (formerly), Iris Carroll (formerly), Maisie Lockwood (formerly)
Enemies Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Maisie Lockwood, Zia Rodriguez, Franklin Webb, Benjamin Lockwood, Iris Carroll, Indoraptor, Blue, Rexy, other dinosaurs
Minions Mercenaries, auctioneers
Likes Power, money, business, jobs, selling dinosaurs, getting his way, Henry Wu's idea to make more hybrid dinosaurs with Indominus rex DNA, revenge, killing, abusing Maisie
Dislikes Failing, losing money, his plans ruined, delayed, not getting his way, Maisie bothering him, being interrupted
Powers and abilities Leadership
Fate Attempts to escape with the Indominus rex sample but gets ripped apart by a Tyrannosaurus and then a Carnotaurus.
Typical Saying "Jurassic World… the island… all of that is in the past."

Eli Mills is the main antagonist of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

History Edit

He was Benjamin Lockwood's (who co-founded Jurassic Park alongside John Hammond) assistant and finance manager who, at first, seemed like he wanted to help save the dinosaurs from the erupting island of Isla Nublar but in actuality he was plotting to sell them.

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