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Edward Scarka was the main antagonist of the 2019 horror film called The Prodigy.

He is portrayed by Paul Fauteux as himself, and by Jackson Robert Scott as his disguise as Miles.


Scarka possessing Miles's body

Very little is known about his past life, other than being a serial killer who killed nine women and cut them as trophies, he let his last victim Margaret St James escape and alert the police about his whereabouts, where they killed him when he was naked. After his death he would go on to incarnate an innocent boy named Miles Bloom. Then his parents notince Miles' unusual behavior but are not suspicious of anything. After that the family dog disappears, Sarah after seeing the dog dying and dismembered by Miles apologizes and says that when he leaves his body bad things happen.

Worried, Sarah takes him to a hypnologist in hopes of discovering any reggression in her past life, allowing her to speak with the evil spirit, during the interview the spirit says that he was born to a Hungarian immigrant. However, after the spirit threatens Miles' life and tells him that he was drugged and molested, this causes Arthur to end the session. Afterwards, Arthur realizes that Miles has scribbled the name Scarka, and he tells her that Miles is possessed by serial killer Edward Scarka and that he wants to continue his killing. After Miles's father, John wants to compromise and then when John takes him to the facility, he stabs him with scissors. After wanting her revenge, Sarah finds out about Miles' victims, including Margaret St. James.

Sarah then believes that because he owns Miles, he can kill Margaret, she then decides to kill her alone. She then picks up her weapon and draws in Margaret's direction, meanwhile Edward in Miles's body appears and asks which eye she likes more brown or green. Recognizing that question eight years ago, Margaret tries to escape, but Edward kills her by scribbling her with a butcher knife. Afterwards Sarah confronts Edward and says that she will not allow him to take her body, and before she can kill Edward, she is shot by a farmer and dies. After that, Edward enters a forster home and he looks in the mirror to see his true self.