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Dylan Gould
Background information
Feature films Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Patrick Dempsey
Performance model
Character information
Other names Dylan
Mr. Gould
Personality Evil, wicked, cruel, delusional, sadistic, selfish, egoistic, manipulative, ambitious, devious, ruthless, greedy, narcissic, arrogant, stubborn, vicious, power hungry, rude, vengeful, cunning.
Occupation CEO of Hotchkiss (Disgraced), Master of deceptions
Affiliations Evil
Goal Revive the Deception/Autobot war, while surviving it and wining it, and rule upon earth (All Failed)
Home Earth
Friends Carly (Formerly), Megatron, Soundwave, Sentinel Prime, Starscream
Enemies Sam, Carly, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Autobots, NEST
Minions Laserbeak, Starscream (Transformers Film Series), Deceptions, Soundwave
Likes Power, control, war, struggle, victory
Dislikes Defeat, Sam interfering with his plans
Powers and abilities Command on Deceptions
Weapons Deceptions
Fate Gets pushed into the pillar and electrocuted to death.
Quote "Their not shipping people, their shipping our planet here!"

"It's hostile takeover time, Sam"

Dylan Gould is a hidden major antagonist in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He worked for the Deceptions after "inheriting the account" from his father and assisted in bringing the planet Cybertron into Earth's orbit. He was portrayed by Patrick Dempsey.


Dylan is the CEO of Hotchkiss Gould Investments Inc., which had a long-term working relationship with the Decepticons.



The company Dylan runs, Hotchkiss Gould Investments Inc., assisted the Decepticons in tracking down people involved in the American and Russian missions to the crash site of the Ark on the Moon so that they could be killed, preserving the secret about that vessel's location.

Dark of the Moon

Dylan hired Carly Brooks-Spencer to be an assistant curator for his car collection. Since he was working for the Decepticons and Carly was dating Sam Witwicky, a known friend of the Autobots, it was likely done as a means of covertly keeping Sam under surveillance. As part of those actions, Dylan gave Carly a $200,000 Platinum Mercedes Sls, which was Soundwave in automobile form.

Dylan also helped Sam get a job by sending a recommendation letter to a technology company Sam had applied to, which had at least one Decepticon stationed on site, masquerading as a computer monitor. The Decepticon, Laserbeak, killed Jerry Wang after he passed on information to Sam.

In a later meeting, Dylan revealed he was working for the Decepticons, stating "My father always said when the war isn't yours, always join the winning side." Dylan also forced Sam to wear a Watch-Bot by threatening to have Carly killed. The Watch-Bot would ensure Sam would obtain information from the Autobots about their plans.

During the deployment of the pillars that would allow the planet Cybertron to be transported into Earth's orbit so that humans could be moved there as slave labor, he realized he was in over his head but that remaining allied with the Decepticons was his best chance for survial. To that end, he alerted the Decepticons when the few remaining Autobots on Earth launched an attack. Later in the battle, he was able to reactivate the control pillar, but was killed when Sam pushed him into the pillar, causing it to short-circuit and electrocute him.


Dylan at first pretends to be nice, calm, and shallow, only to hide his true nature. He is ambitious, evil, greedy and lustful, as he would refuse to loose control on the world and get weakened or killed during the war he has created. He is manipulative towards Carly, as he would woo her only so she will support his evil scheme.


  • Dylan's relationship with Soundwave is a dark parallel to Sam's relationship with Bumblebee's.