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Drake Merwin is one of the main antagonists of the TV Gone. He is a mysogynist sociopath, extremely sadistic, arrogant and a bully who does not accept anyone to challenge his authority.


Before the FAYZ

Drake's father is a road lieutenant who taught him to shoot, he stayed with his father and was very upset when he died. Drake also beat his mother every day, even when a boy named Holden made fun of him for looking so depressed, Drake threw him with a rifle, and he was sent to Coates. Drake felt powerless for not getting his mother hurt, so he chose other boys to stay in control. Drake also did horrible things like putting puppies in the microwave, but when he saw Caine use his telekinesis, he and Caine found more empowered people. Before FAYZ starts he dragged everyone who wasn't to loyal to Caine in bed in the middle of the night.


After the FAYZ events, Drake arrives at Perdido Bearch along with Caine and other children of Coates. And some adults start to disappear, Drake is faced with a fight between the Orc team, and Bette, Edilio and Sam, he orders both teams to move away, and when Orc does not obey him, he punishes him. Drake is tasked with capturing and then killing Astrid and Pete Ellison, he is frustrated by Sam, but he ties him down. But when Sam burns Drake's arm and Diana cuts him off, Drake captures Lana to heal him, but when the Pack leader intervenes. Drake later receives a hand of whip by Gaiaphage, Drake later fights against Orc until it does not stop but. But then is he is stopped by Caine who drags him.


Drake takes command when Caine is in a coma, he leads the succesful foray with Ralph and his well-trained soldiers. When Caine puts his new plan into action, Drake sends Bug to search the plant, he then falls asleep to Orsay Pettijohn and enters his dreams, but Drake sees her and realizes he is dreaming and forces himself to wake up. He then captures it and brings it back to Caine, and when Caine attacks the plant, Drake takes down Josh and Brittney and tries to set a wire trat that will kill Brianna; however, Jack does so and knocks him down. Drake then tries to use a trap, but Jack finds out and when Drake pretends that Brianna is dead, causing Jack to be dead and causing Jack to go with Aragorn where Drake fights him. But Drake loses the fight but it is saved by Caine that he orders Jack to make a distraction.

Soon after, Howard sees Drake and warns Orc about Drake, after which Orc stops Drake from shooting Dekka. Drake is later tasked with killing Sam for Caine, who knows that soon Drake will challenge him and hopes that Sam with kill him. However, during the confrontation Drake soon threatens Sam with a nuclear collapse if Sam does not bring his whip, during which Drake almost kills him, but is stopped by Brianna who cuts his hand. After his failure, Drake returns to Caine while his hand regenerates and hugs the coyotes when he rearches the mine shaft with the intention of serving Gaiaphage, then apparently kills Diana when she nudges him, and Caine in turn kills Drake. However, his whip hand that was cut off crawls up to Brianna.


Gaiaphage uses Lana's powers to regenerate Drake's whip. However, Drake's conscience does not destroy Brittney's as Gaiaphage expected, and with that Drake and Brittney become one new entity. Drake also kills a boy by flogging to death, he is also seen by Caine, Diana and Sam in the fire at Perdido Beach. But he doesn't show up until he threatens Mary Terrafino, he is also almost kills by Sam, but he fails to kill Brittney, so he puts Drake in Orc's basement.


Drake manages to make the Orc break the basement ceilling, which frees him. He then enslaves Jamal and discovers that no one can challenge him but Brianna. He later has a confrontation against Brianna in which he defeats her, he also tries to take Sam, Dekka, Jack and Toto down but they run away. He tries to challenge Gaiaphage to take revenge, but fails him after he is sent to Coates Academy in search of Nemesis. On the way he fights Jack, Orc and Astrid and the bugs look after Orc. He almost strangles Jack but then when Astrid kills Little Pete, Drake returns to the mine shaft.


Given the task of recovering Diana. Drake tries to get help from the coyotes, but he accepts if he feeds him, Drake then kills Howard. He later regains control that used to be Brittney's and scares Atria, he easily defeats Roger and captures and Justin. With that, Jack tries to kill him, but is fatally wounded by Drake, he later joins forces with Penny and the newborn Gaia Soren-Ladris to open the barrier. But when Caine, Sam, Quinn and Dekka stop them, he runs off with the others when he hits the barrier.


Drake now has the job of feeding Gaia, in which he is very angry. Brianna cuts and spreads her parts all over FAYZ. Alex takes Drake's head, but Gaia cuts off his head and replaces Drake's, and gives him his whip again. However, Drake betrays Gaia for believing that she is getting weak. He then whips Astrid but she manages to slow him down and run. He later finds Sam and attacks him, and when he is close to killing him, his head falls and Sam throws it into the fire.


After though Drake was burned by Sam, a part of him stayed alive. And after a while, Drake started killing and raping until Thomas Peaks sees him and goes to recruit him, he accepts because he wants to kill Dekka. However, he is defeated by her but he is not killed, he later fights Peaks. But after that, it's not known how much he does because he doesn't escape with Peaks.


He then takes Peaks to a cave and makes him go hungry there to see how long it lasts. However, Peaks manages to get out there and hits him with a missile that leaves him in peaces, but Drake regenerates and vows revenge against Peaks.


Drake later goes after Astrid in order to torture her. However, she attacks him by tearing off his arm before cutting him, and throws him in a box full of hydrofluoric acid. That she later orders his box to be sunk in Mariana Trench.


  • Drake is one of the most cruel and evil villains in the series, because he is a sociopath, a misogynist, and a sexual sadist.