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Draco is a recurring antagonist of the Brazilian soap opera called Caminhos do Coração, or also known as Os Mutantes or Promessas de Amor. He is one of the many creations of Dr. Julia Zacarias who was in captivity along with other mutants including his friend Tele, they later escaped and formed an evil gang to destroy humans and take over the world.



Draco was created by Dr. Julia who gave him his fire powers, he stayed in the island's cell, where he met Tele. He later escaped the island and made an alliance with Metamorfo, Gor and Meduso to destroy the human race.


After escaping the island along with other mutants, there was only Draco and Tele left who made an alliance with Gor, Metamorfo and Meduso to eliminate the humans. Afterwards when he humans declared war on the mutants, they also invited Agatha and Aquiles to join them, to two refused. And as a punishment, Draco and Tele then killed Teofilo that in fact, he would be abducted by the reptilians who later would lose his sanity. Then they try again, but as Aquilles and Agatha are furious at having killed Teofilo, they are later attacked by the brothers and are forced to flee. After that, they kidnap Clara the mutant with healing power after a fight against Tati.

After that, they did several missions in the constructions of the bomb, and kidnapped Eugenio. However, halfway through one of the missions Meduso is arrested, and when Metamorfo goes there to save him, he is killed by Fredo at close range, who makes Metamorfo run away, they also have new recruits like Lupo, Eric Fusile, Taveira, Fernando and Ariadne. However Lupo is killed by Janette, while Ariadne is killed by Fredo, who causes the other mutants like Metamorfo, Draco, Tele, Taveira and Eric to fight Fredo, after which they eventually escape. But then when Depecom arrives at the mutants' house thanks to the prisoners, they are forced to escape and only Taveira is left behind, he tries to react by taking Carol as a hostage, but is killed by Fredo.

After that, Bandida League would turn to go to Dr. Julia's laboratory with a new identify, from Juli Di Trevi. They fight the forces of Melquior and his people. The Reptilians then use the prodigal men as a distraction, to catch the badies Lucio and Juno. They eventually succeed, although later Gor and Metamorfo betrayed Dr. Julia to save the babies, soon afterwards the Bandida League would dissolve after Eric and Samira's death. Forcing them to recruit Lino, Bianca, Gor and Metamorfo again, they try to blow up a bomb in São Paulo, but their plans are thwarted when Angela stops this from happening.

Eventually, after the failure to explode São Paulo, and the babies had gone to Rio de Janeiro. Some members of the Bandida League decide to go there, but the plan almost goes wrong, and Dr. Julia is presumed dead. And without their mentor, they and Juno decide to go to Rio.

And without Dr. Julia's influence and commands, the mutants soon start a criminal life, robbing banks and robbing to create a place for mutants only. However in one of those many robberies, Metamorfo almost leaves dead, and in the last Draco, Tele and Lino are arrested by Depecom. There, they are tortured by Atira Ferraz, until they are rescued by the Reptilians. They then capture Juno and Lucio, and then when Lino bites Pit refuses and Lino finishes him off; then they have another battle against the protagonists. In which Lino dies, while Tele and Draco were presumed dead.

Power and Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis: Draco can handle fire by his hands and spears at high counts.