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Dr. Serena Kogan
Background information
Feature films Terminator Salvation
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actress Helena Bonham Carter
Performance model
Character information
Other names Dr. Kogan (Marcus Wright)
Personality 'All kind and friendly' but in reality just trying to persuade Marcus into signing a contract
Appearance Brown hair, blazer
Occupation Geneticist, Chief operating officer of biological studies at Cyberdyne Systems
Affiliations Cyberdyne Systems
Goal To make cyborgs to survive judgement day later to be controled by Skynet
Home San Francisco, California, U.S.A
Friends Marcus Wright (Formely)
Enemies Marcus Wright, John Connor, The resistance
Likes Experimenting and conducting research
Powers and abilities Genius mind
Quote "Don't fight Marcus, remember what you are"

"How are youu feeling marcus?" "You will not be given a second chance, you cannot save John Connor"

Dr. Serena Kogan is the main antagonist of Terminator: Salvation.

She is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter, who also portrayed Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter film series.


Dr. Serena Kogan was a Geneticist and Chief Operating Officer of Biological Studies (C.O.O.B.S.) at Cyberdyne Systems. She had been working for Cyberdyne Systems 10 years prior to being diagnosed with cancer in 2003. She persuaded Marcus Wright into signing a contract which would allow her to experiment on him after his death (Marcus was on a death penalty). Eventually Marcus agreed to sign the contract and at the time of his death, Serena is shown greedily smirking at Marcus as the screen fades to white. Serena died of cancer in 2004, after Vyberdyne has been purchased by the Airforce. Despite Cyberdyne being shut down, her research has been continued by Skynet and was used as a boost for making more and more cybernetic organisms.


Serena shows a friendly and calm personality but secretly she is trying to persuade Marcus into signing the contract. At the end of the film, Skynet takes the form of her face and completely changes the way the audience looked at her.


  • Dr. Kogan was the main villain in the comic adaptation of the Terminator franchise.
  • Some rumors of Dr. Kogan's death suggest that she didn't actually die of her cancer, but because of judgement day in 2004.
  • Dr. Kogan was a Geneticist, not a programmer, so it may be possible that there was another person working with her aswell.
  • Her research lead to the creation of the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger), T-1000 and the T-X.