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Dr. Robotnik
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Affiliations Bad
Friends Agent Stone
Enemies Sonic the Hedgehog, Tom Wachowski, Maddie Wachowski, Crazy Carl, Wade Whipple, Green Hills townsfolk
Minions His robots, Agent Stone
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Dr Ivo Robotnik is the main antagonist of the film Sonic The Hedgehog. He is a brilliant yet unstable and narcissistic roboticist who is hired by the government to capture Sonic, although later plans to take Sonic's powers for himself in order to conquer the world. He is the film's adaptation of Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik from the video games.

He is portrayed by Jim Carrey who also played The Riddler.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Dr. Robotnik makes his first appearance at the baseball field in the peaceful American town of Green Hills, Montana, where Sonic accidentally unleashed a burst of energy that caused a massive blackout. He and his assistant Agent Stone harass and belittle the military personnel there before dispatching an army of drones to locate the source of the energy surge. One of the drones discovers Sonic's footprints, and Robotnik uses his computer to analyze it. He determines Sonic's exact height, weight, and spinal structure, and discovers that no other organism in the animal kingdom matches Sonic's body shape. Realizing that Sonic must be an alien, Robotnik decides to find and capture the hedgehog and obtain his power for himself.

This leads Robotnik to the house of Sheriff Tom Wachowski, where he attempts to trick Tom into letting him into the house by claiming he is from the power company. When Tom doesn't fall for it, Robotnik forces his way into Tom's house and tries to compel him to reveal where Sonic is hiding. Tom tries to play dumb, but Robotnik is wise to the ruse. He notices one of Sonic's quills stuck in Tom's dinner table and becomes much more impatient, angrily demanding that Tom cooperate. Meanwhile, some mini-drones infiltrate the attic, where Sonic is hiding. When Sonic freaks out and rolls into the kitchen, exposing himself to Robotnik, Tom punches Robotnik in the face. One of Robotnik's drones sees this and goes into attack mode, but Sonic and Tom work together to destroy it.

After they escape, Agent Stone enters the house to check on Robotnik, only to be berated by Robotnik for not apprehending Tom and Sonic. Later, while they are on the road, Robotnik catches up to Tom and Sonic in his truck, and he dispatches a robotic car to destroy them. The duo fights back, which proves difficult since the car has several smaller units hidden inside that activate after the original vehicle is destroyed. They eventually manage to destroy the whole thing, much to Robotnik's dismay, but an explosive device from the car leaves Sonic critically injured. 

Meanwhile, Robotnik turns to the quill he found at Tom's house, using his technology to analyze and extract the quill's power. Through this process, Robotnik discovers that the quill has unlimited power and realizes he could use this power to take over the world. Thankfully, Sonic recovers after being examined by Tom's veterenarian wife, Maddie, but the friends are still not safe from Robotnik. When the trio heads over to San Fransisco to retrieve Sonic's rings from the top of the Transamerica Pyramid skyscraper, Robotnik confronts them in an upgraded aircraft, accompanied by an army of drones. Mocking the egg-shaped design of the drones, Sonic calls Robotnik "Eggman" and challenges him to a fight.

As Dr. Robotnik readies his weapons, Tom frantically reminds Sonic that he and Maddie are completely defenseless against the evil genius, so Sonic comes up with a plan and pushes the couple off the building. Doctor Robotnik is shocked by this, but quickly downplays it by claiming that he was expecting to not expect something. He and his robots go to attack Sonic, but Sonic slows down time so he can disarm the robots. He then goes to use one of his rings to warp Tom and Maddie to safety, but at this point Robotnik's aircraft has tapped into the power of the quill, allowing the aircraft to travel at the same speed as Sonic as Robotnik tries to hit him with lasers.

Sonic is able to send Tom and Maddie back to Green Hills, but has trouble shaking off Dr. Robotnik. He travels all over the world using his rings, but Robotnik's super-powered aircraft is right behind him at every turn. Eventually, Sonic and Robotnik return to Green Hills, where Robotnik lands a hit and seemingly kills Sonic. 

As Dr. Robotnik celebrates his presumed victory, Tom, Maddie, and the other residents of Green Hills stand up to him. Then Sonic, who turned out to have survived the hit, wakes up, musters up all of his power, and bashes Robotnik's aircraft, while Tom uses one of Sonic's rings to open a portal to a world filled with nothing but mushrooms, aptly named "Mushroom Planet". Robotnik's ship flies straight through the portal, leaving the doctor stuck on the Mushroom Planet and defeating him.

Some days later, Tom is visited by U.S. government agents, who thank him for getting rid of Robotnik and dismiss him as someone who never existed, assuring Tom that he will not face any retributions for his involvement on Robotnik's disappearance. Meanwhile, on the Mushroom Planet, a stranded Robotnik loses what was left of his sanity, shaves his head and treks through the alien landscape, planning to use the energy from Sonic's quill to somehow find a way back to Earth. It is currently unknown if Robotnik will ever escape from Mushroom Planet or remain there for the rest of his life, but given his intellect and the properties of Sonic's quill, it is likely that he will indeed find a way to return to Earth soon so he can enact his revenge on Sonic and Tom.


  • During his defeat, and the credits scene in the first film, Jim Carrey's voice was almost matching to Robotnik's current voice actor, Mike Pollock.
  • Robotnik's defeat in the first film is similar to Randall Boggs's defeat from Monsters Inc.
  • In his appearance in Sonic Dash, Robotnik's voice clips are the same ones as his video game version given that he is voiced by Mike Pollock instead of Jim Carrey.
  • Robotnik is the only character in the Sonic the Hedgehog film to swear.
  • Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, John Lithgow, Rupert Everett, Josh Brolin, Will Arnett, Gary Oldman, Jeffrey Tambor, Alec Baldwin, Liam Neeson, Sean Bean, Hugo Weaving, Kevin Spacey and Tom Cruise were all considered for the role of Robotnik before Jim Carrey was cast.