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That mask won't help them
~ Dr. Maru lecturing General Ludendorff
Dr. Isabelle Maru
Background information
Feature films Wonder Woman (2017)
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actress Elena Anaya
Performance model
Inspiration Dr. Zander Rice (Logan)
Dr. Doom (Marvel)
Character information
Other names Dr. Poison, Witch, Dr. Maru
Personality Murderous, destructive, powerful, sadistic, brutesome, megomaniacal, cunning, ruthless, wise, aggressive, manipulative, insane, arrogant, demonic, obsessive, calculating, intelligent, smart, killjoy, strategic
Occupation Scientist
German Military related alchemist
Affiliations Chaotic Evil
Goal To use The German Military and get them to destroy England with gas
To conquer the world and terrorize millions of people with her toxic weaponry (failed)
To destroy Wonder Woman (failed)

To sell her gas weapons for war, notably with her loyal client, Ludendorff (succeeded)

Home Spain (originally)
Friends Ares (formerly)
Enemies Wonder Woman, Ares/Sir Patrick Morgan, Steve Trevor
Minions General Erich Ludendorff, German soldiers, her team of researchers
Likes Destruction, poison, gas, massacre, power, General Lundendroff trusting her, terror, people fearing her weapons, killing people
Dislikes Defeat, Wonder Woman, weakness, people living in peace and harmony
Powers and abilities Command over militants
Weapons Various gas weapons
Fate Survives the battle between Ares and Wonder Woman, and presumably pays for her crimes after the war.
Typical Saying

I've got it. I've got it! And if it's what i think, it's going to be... terrible.
~ Maru encouraging Ludendorff to continue using her scheme

Dr. Isabelle Maru, also known as Maru and Doctor Poison, is the main, later secondary antagonist of the 2017 DC Extended Universe film, Wonder Woman. She is a fearsome, manipulative and megalomaniacal Spanish scientist and one of Europe's most corrupt chemists. She is an expert of toxic weaponry who works on the behalf of her client, the General Erich Ludendorff. She plotted to bomb cities with her gas, and take over the world, specifically using The German Military to conquer England.

She is portrayed by actor Elena Anaya, who also portrayed Aleera from Van Helsing.

History Edit

Past Edit

Dr. Isabelle Maru is a Spanish scientist who developed toxic weapons for many years, and was supervised by a hallucination of Ares. As she started developing her obsessions with unleashing her gas, and she intended to use her gas weapons for the perfect war against the innoncents, she eventually became one of the most feared criminal masterminds all over Europe. During The World War I, she had The German Military as her personal clients, and she closely worked with General Erich Lundendroff, who used her weapons, and assisted her plan of taking over England. As part of the program, she has the ability to command German soldiers.

Dr. Poison's notebook Edit

Dr. Maru is seen inside her facility in The Ottoman Empire, torturing children with her various and deadly toxic gas weapons, which she and the German military were going to use during the war against Britain.

Steve Trevor however snuck in and stole her notebook, which contains Maru's plan on killing millions with her advanced weaponry, during the first world war. Maru asked Ludendorff for more time to complete her scheme, but Ludendorff informed Dr. Poison that The German Military will not give her more time. She tried to talk Ludendorff into continuing and supporting her, however, she quickly noticed that she had lost her notebook. She orderered everyone to kill Trevor for his betrayal. However, Trevor managed to escape by driving on a plane. Dr. Maru escaped in her geep, and Ludendorff sat next to her.

Terrorizing Civilians Edit

Later, Steve explains Wonder Woman in the same time that the boys she experiments in her trenches call her Doctor Poison, and that she is planning a war which could end millions of lives. Later, in another army base which belongs to The Ottoman Empire, General Ludendorff comes to review her gas weapons. She reveals Ludendorff that Germany has decided to sign an armistice and end the war against England. Ludendorff encourages Maru by stating that he believes in her, and not in her book. She then reveals that she has been working on a gas which can turn Ludendorff into a superhuman when he inhales it. Manipulating Ludendorff into assisting her plans, she tells the general that if he assists her, the results will be terrible. She later tests her new and deadly gas, as General Ludendroff comes to review her project, and even he was shocked by her toxic weaponry.

Influenced by Maru, Ludendorff was present in a meeting with The German Military officials, as he tried to convince them to continue the World War I, and use Dr. Maru's strategy. The German Military officials however disagreed, and Maru bombed the office with her gas bombs, as she and Lundendroff have locked them inside and have managed to kill them all. Dr. Maru is later present at a met ball, which she and Ludendorff have hosted. Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman however manage to enter the building. Maru has later encountered Steve Trevor in the ballroom. Steve offered her partnership, and asked her to give up on her plans and reveal her project. She at first pretended to be nice to him. However, she had then stated that she is loyal to her client Ludendorff, and therefore, she had refused to give up on her plans. She also hinted Steve that she was going to fire a weapon at one of the German villages, as she told him that he should put his attention "elsewhere". As the party continued, Dr. Poison had fired her special gas missile towards a nearby village. Wonder Woman tried to save the dying citizens and enter the village which was now entirely covered by the gas. However, Wonder Woman realized that the gas has destroyed all the people of that village.

Plans to destroy London Edit

Maru later occupied her facility, and was guarded by her soldiers and by General Ludendorff. After Ludendorff has been killed by Wonder Woman, she commanded her soldiers to pack up the gas weapons, so she can start terrorizing England during the war. She was going to send a massive plane with gas bombs, in order to destroy London and personally conquer England. Steve Trevor however bombed her research center, causing her to evacuate. Steve also managed to fly her plane, as he let the plane incinerate and explode in the sky. Maru tried to drive her own truck into the battlefield and continue destroying the world by herself. However, before she could exit the facility outdoors, Ares has caught her truck and he threw it towards Wonder Woman. The shocked Dr. Maru had crawled out of the car, and she looked at Wonder Woman, realizing that her plan is failing. Ares had tried to corrupt Wonder Woman, and convince her to kill the mad doctor. However, after thinking about Steve, and remembering how selfless and kind he was, Wonder Woman refused to kill Maru. After she fled from the battle, Dr. Maru had survived the incident. However, despite her surviva, it is unknown what happened to her next.

Personality Edit

Dr. Poison is the most prominent antagonist througuout the film, and is responsible for most of the film's events, despite Ares being the Bigger Bad and having a key role in the story. She is a brutesome scientist who uses The German Military as her clients, and often uses Ludendorff for her own purposes. Unlike Ares, Dr. Maru is more of an insane and brutesome mad genius, and she is arguably also more of an overtly evil villain. She has no mercy on others, and only wants people to fear her gas weaponry. She was seen having no mercy on children right at the beginning of the film, when she put them into gas tanks/chambers and expermimented her gas and gas-related weapons on them. She is a very ambitious individual, as she seems to be very active during the war, and uses her powers not only on England, but also on German villages.

Abilities and Skills Edit

  • Chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • High Intelligence
  • Command on soldiers
  • Research
  • Manipulation
  • Dark and mysterious chemical warfare



Dr. Poison lectures Ludendorff

Wonder Woman- Dr

Wonder Woman- Dr. Poison's plan

Steve Undercover - Wonder Woman (2017)

Steve Undercover - Wonder Woman (2017)

Dr. Poison is about to send a gas missile to a German village.

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Maru was born in Spain.
  • She is similar to Dr. Zander Rice from the film Logan; they are both delusional and murderous scientists who plan to control the world and use it's powers. They also both have the military working for them.
  • Dr. Maru works under the influence and supervision of Ares's hallucination. Therefore, the two have secretly been working together.
  • Technically, she is responsible for World War I.
  • She is the first live-action version of the original DC villain, Dr. Poison.
  • The relations between Dr. Poison and Ludendorff are very similar to Hux and Snoke; while she and Hux strategize and build weapons of mass destruction, Snoke and Ludendorff are still incharge as they should always give the final word.
  • Dr. Poison serves as the main antagonist throughout most of the film, discluding flashbacks. However, Ares becomes far more dangerous than her, and is revealed to be far more ambitious. Therefore, Dr. Poison becomes the secondary antagonist in the final moments of the film.