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Bounapart Ignace Gallia
Background information
Feature films Live and Let Die
Television programs
Video games GoldenEye (2010) (multiplayer mode)
007 Legends (multiplayer mode)
Park attractions
Actor Yaphet Kotto
Performance model
Character information
Other names Dr. Kananga, Mr. Big
Personality Greedy, spoiled
Appearance Black hair
Occupation Operative of SMERSH, leader of the Black Widow Voodoo Cult (novel), Dictator of San Monique
Goal Auction ancient gold coins for SMERSH operational funding (novel), Smuggle heroin into the United States for criminal purposes (film)
Home San Monique, Caribbean, North America
Friends His minions
Enemies James Bond, Solitaire
Minions The Whisper, Tee-Hee, Baron Samedi, McThing (in the novel), Sam Miami (in the novel), The Flannel (in the novel), Blabbermouth Foley (in the novel), The Robber (in the novel), Solitaire (formely), Dambala, Rosie Carver, Leroy, Evans, Hector
Likes Threatening Solitaire
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities
Weapons Knife
Fate Explodes
Typical Saying Any cost, any.... Bond must die.
Any cost, any.... Bond must die.
~ Kananga's orders to kill Bond.

Dr. Kananga, also known as Mr. Big, is the tyrant of San Monique and a drug lord. He serves as the main antagonist of the James Bond novel and film Live and Let Die. In the film he is portrayed by Yaphet Kotto.


In America, he ordered the MI6 agents Dawes, Hamilton and Baines killed for investigating his work. Dr. Kananga first met James Bond while dressed as a crime lord named Mr. Big and ordered Bond killed as well but the agent was rescued by Harold Strutter. On San Monique, he eminds Solitiare of what happened to her mother and threatens to steal her future telling powers if she does not follow orders. Bond was lucky at getting Solitiare to side with him and got her out of San Monique. In New Orleans, he had Strutter murdered then recaptured Bond. In this meeting, the Mr. Big makeup was ripped and Kananga showed his face for the first time to Bond. After a long argument, Kananga ordered Whisper to take him away while he and Samedi decide to execute Solitiare on San Monique. After Bond escaped, he first battled Samedi and Kananga showed Bond a new weapon, a Co2 gun which and inflate then blow anything it's bullet touches. Kananga then attempts to feed Bond and Solitiare to his pet sharks but escapes and subdues Whisper. Kananga then battles Bond personally and his life was over when bond put a shark bullet into the drug lord's mouth causing Kananga to inflate and then "pop".