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Dokakuryu is the main antagonist of the hentai anime called Urotsukidoji New Saga.


Dokakuryu kills a scientist and possesses the scientist's dead body. He then goes after a student who would have seduced and coveted the scientist the kills. The girl begins to kills him, and then they start having sex, Dokakuryu then reveals his true demon form and rapes and kills her soon after. Amano Jiaku soon appears and then spits a poisonous dice into Dokakuryu's eye, the extremely powerful dice that is enough to heal the half of his face. After that he and Dokakuryu start fighting on top of a building, Dokakuryu loses one of his arms and cannot kill Amano. Dokakuryu then returns to Queen Demon Genyo, saying that Amano was too strong for him to win, Genyo's daughter Seigenki grabs a sword and punishes Dokakuryu by cutting off one of his arms for not being able to kill Amano. After he is hired to kill the Ultra god, and he confuses him with Ozaki, however he is only infected with the Ultra god's blood, he then captures Ozaki's mistress, Yuri, and threatens to rape her if Ozaki refuses to reveal their powers. Ozaki then saves Yuri and kills Dokakuryu by firing a beam of light at him and causing him to explode into the demon's blood lump.