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Otto was raised in an oppressive household with an overprotective mother and abusive alcoholic father. Otto was a good student and his mother encouraged him to push himself in school so he'd have a better life than his factory worker father leading him to become a respected physicist and created a harness that connected the wearer to four mechanical arms as well as beginning a relationship with Mary Alive Anders. Otto broke off his relationship with Mary at the behest of his mother, however she would later die in the middle of an argument with her son. Having lost all his loved ones, Otto became more and more reckless at work, leading to the lab explosion brought by on a radiation leak which fused the harness to Otto's body. Otto was driven insane by the accident and dedicated himself to a life of Crime and having several encounters with Spider-Man. It was also Doc Oct who formed the sinister six to combat Spider-Man. While he told the others they would defeat Spider-Man together, he secretly planned to attack after Spider-Man had bested the other villains and kill the weekend hero. Oct kidnapped May Parker and Betty Brant to bait Spider-Man into these fights. When, as he predicted his teammates failed Oct tried to engage Spider-Man in combat but was defeated. Following the retirement of Kingpin Oct became embroiled in a gang war with Hammerhead. The two wage an extremely destructive war throughout the streets of New York to gain control over the vast criminal empire left behind, but Spider-Man defeated both of them and Otto was sent back to prison. Otto attempted to Marry May Parker in the hopes of acquiring a Canadian nuclear plant. Their wedding was interrupted by Hammerhead leading to a fight, which involved Spider-Man. The battle resulted in an explosion destroying the power plant and killing Hammerhead. Otto survived, escaping unharmed but found himself homeless and haunted by Hammerhead. He then returned his old enemy to life, simply to be rid of him. When Spider-Man was poisoned by the vulture, Otto saved his life, feeling he should be the only one allowed to defeat his hated enemy while tending to his injuries. Otto learned Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker. Because of this knowledge he was murdered by Kaine. He was later resurrected through the hand but had no memory of Spider-Man's identity. When Spider-Man revealed his identity Otto went on a rampage as he was angered that he had been bested by a teenager so many times. Later on Otto used a modified octobot in order to transfer his consciousness into Peter. Otto took Peter's identity of Spider-Man and vowed to be superior. Otto attempted to murder the criminal Boomerang, but was prevented from doing so by Peter's  conscience which still existed within his brain, unknown to Otto. Otto began dating Peter's ex Mary Jane Watson and managed to save her life. After this he decided to dump her in order to focus more of his time in being Spider-Man. Otto eventually realised the error of his ways and sacrificed himself in order to revive Peter.