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Djinn is the main antagonist of the Wishmaster movie franchise, he, like Freddy Krueger and Pinhead, is one of the villains of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, horror films.



Djinn is a demonic being who can grant wishes that can alter reality, he also often uses the wishes of cheated people, although he was arrested a long time ago.


When Raymond Beaumont supervises workers inside a box and containing an old Ahura Mazda statue on a ship. Mickey Torelli the crane operator is drunk and drops the box killing Beaumont assistant Ed Finley destroys the statue. And when Nick Merritt instructs appraiser Alexandra Alex Amber to examine the box, which awakens Djinn, Alex sees something inside the jewel and leaves it with his friend and colleague Josh Aickman to analyze. And when the gem explodes freeing Djinn, Josh is later killed because of his desire to ease physical. Alex later lears that Josh died by Lieutenant Nathanson traces the statue jewelry she follows to Beaumont, who sends Alex to visit Wendy Derleth, a folklore teacher who explains the history of the gem and the Djinn, and that the grants three wishes in soul exchange, but the wishes are granted in ways that give ruin results to the desiring. Djinn later takes on the form of Nathaniel Demarest, he kills a pharmacest with a desire for a vindictive beggar, and he grants Ariella eternal beauty by turning her into a dummy, then Djinn demands Alex's file, although he refuses, but he proves the guilt of a criminal and expresses his wish to Djinn, that the same grants him and the criminal begins a killing until killed by the polices. 

Then he visits Nick, and kills a security guard with his wish, and getting Nick's cooperation and giving millions of dollars to his request, Nick gets the money when his mother dies in plane crash, Derleth but realizes that they are talking to Djinn because he killed Derleth and assumed his form. Then Djinn confronts and offers three wishes. She orders to kill himself, he shoots his own head, but after, and he reveals that he is immortal. soon after Djinn transports himself to his infernal world that terrifies Alex, and he wants her to return to her own apartment. 

Djinn later threatens Alex's sister Shannon. Alex then rushes to a party Beaumont invited them, Djinn follows her disguised as Nathaniel Demarest. Alex tells doorman Johnny Valentine to hold Djinn, but Djinn manipulates him and offers him a wish, which Valentine drowns in a Chinese water torture cell. Djinn later enters the party and delights Beaumont that he wants his party to be unforgettable, that Djinn grants it and makes art kill Beaumont. Then Djinn shortens her sisters and tries to scare Alex to make his third wish, and he holds Shannon in a burning painting. Then Alex wishes Torelli wasn't drunk at work that eventually undoed the events that happened and arrested Djinn again, back in the box.

Wishmaster 2[]

When a museum robbery occurs, and the fire opal containing the Djinn, but he is released after a shot by Morgana Truscott and is forced to abandon his escape partner, Djinn then kills the thief by obliterating his existence, when the police arrive, Djinn returns to Nathaniel Demarest's form and when the policeman wants him to get cold, Djinn then freezes him, and Nathaniel is arrested, he then kills a prisoner who wanted to get out of prison, with his wish, and when Morgana is dreaming and sees her former lover. And in jail because of Djinn's wishes, Demarest is confronted by Butz and his two henchmen the twin brothers Tiger, Butz does all the clandestine business in prison and warns to join forces him, but Nathaniel refuses, and he asks for drugs that can drive him crazy, which Nathaniel grants, and controls the Tiger brothers who start beating Butz to death. And Demarest is placed in solitary with murder suspect. After that Morgana tells Gregory that she still has nightmares. While Morgana researches the Djinn she finds out all about the legend, and the two go to jail to confront. After that Morgana tells Gregory that she still has nightmares. While Morgana researches the Djinn she finds out all about legend, and the two go to jail to confront Nathaniel, demanding that he leave Morgana alone, but Demarest doubles Morgana's voice and teases him. Demarest then kills the prison director and runs off with Russian Osip, then Osip introduces Demarest to Pushkin, whom Osip clears him, Demarest then says he can give anything Pushkin wants, but Pushkin ignores them. However, when Osip mentions Mustafa that pisses Pushkin off, and fueled by his anger, he wants Mustafa's head. However, Pushkin gains only the appearance of Mustafa, and making Pushkin nonexistent, with that Osip takes over. Morgana then runs towards her and shoots her head revealing her original form, and both Morgana and Osip are startled, and Djinn insults her by calling her a fool.

Djinn then begins to grant wishes to casino customers and collect their souls, while Morgana and Gregory ride in the cab in Las Vegas to the casino where Demarest is waiting, Djinn stays in his oficce and takes his true form and claim every day, souls who made the wishes. And noting that Demarest has left the fire opal on his desk, Gregory silently approaches Demarest while he is talking to Morgana, Demarest picks him up and Gregory wants him to be sent to hell, which Djinn concedes, that they are transported into the room. Fire Opal, Gregory is crucified and killed when Morgana wants him to be released, angry Morgana wishes that evil no longer exists, however Djinn warns that the world without evil will no longer exist, Djinn remains uneasy with her. Morgana tries to resist Djinn, and regrets Morgana calms down and she asks Djinn the meaning of the prophecy, and that Djinn then explains that Djinn then explains that whoever wakes Djinn is entitled to three requests. Morgana then realizes the meaning of the prophecy and wishes that the guard she killed comes back to life, and thus arresting Djinn in the box, and all his victims come back to life.

Wishmaster 3[]

Wishmaster returns for the third time and to destroy the lives of innocents, this time his victim is a teenager named Diana Collins who opened his grave and released him with a box and a jewel inside. After gaining his freedom he comes face to face with Professor Barash that he wants two beautiful women to fall in love with him, however, the two women kill him and cut his face, Djinn then uses his identify to disguise himself as Professor Barash. He then kills a secretary who wanted to burn a file, but instead she burns and dies. Then Djinn picks up Diana's school file and decides to find her to force her to make all three wishes. While Diana is on in the wrath of hell. After Djinn arrives at the teacher's teaching assistant, Ann who wishes to lose some weight, that she begins to vomit in pain, Diana uses her desire to stop her suffering, but instead she dies. Then she realizes that she is in St. Michael's church and summons Archangel Michael who owns her boyfriend Greg. A fight then begins with Djinn winning, and Michael and Diana, escape to the theater, while Djinn tries to follow them, he soon ends up following a different path and facing Elinor who wants her heart to break that causes her death. Next Djinn enters Diana's room where Billy is and kills him when Billy says to strike him. Next Djinn takes the picture of Diana and her friends and hurts Katie unless Diana requests her third wish. Michael then reveals that only his sword can kill a Djinn. 

Soon after, Katie finds Billy's corpse where she finds herself chased by Djinn in the science room, which takes the Djinn she could hide from him, and when she wishes, he sticks his head in a cage where the mice bite her, and killing her. In a second battle, Michael cuffs off Diana's hand, but his hand regenerates, so Michael and Diana escape in a car, but his hand regenerates, so Michael and Diana escape in a car, but Djinn runs to the car and attacks them. Diana drives the car and makes them fall. In the end Diana tries to commit suicide by jumping off a building, however in fact she wields Michael's sword on Djinn and killing him. 

Wishmaster 4[]

Just as in previous films Djinn is released and has to grant three wishes to the person who released him who in this case is Lisa, Djinn later kills Steven and takes his face and appearance. He first grants Lisa's first wish to win Sam's condition case, he forces the lawyer to make the $ 10 million deal until he signs the contract he makes and is killed by Djinn, and then when Lisa says that wanted Sam to walk again, Djinn, and then when Lisa says that wanted Sam to walk again, Djinn then grants the second wish, and realizing that his true form has lost, and he unable to grany the third wish. Soon after, Angel tries to kill Lisa to prevent the release of all Djinns and prevent Armageddon, then the Angel and the Djinn fight the most. Djinn wins the fight and kill her, Lisa later arrives at Steven's house and they have sex, plus Lisa ask for the third wish but can't. Soon after the Djinns brothers make their presence known causing Lisa to flee, then Steven takes Lisa into the bedroom and reveals her royal form and offers her an option to take her hand as second in command when the Djinn race takes over the world or gets lauched to another dimension in hell, Sam returns and tries to save her with the angel's sword but is stabbed by the Djinn, then Sam signals Lisa that she is pushing the Djinn on the blade killing him.


  • Djinn is similar to Freddy Krueger both have an extension of his powers, Djinn his ability to use his powers only when a human asks for desire, and Freddy can kill only in the dreams of his victims.