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Dietrich Viggo “Dieter” Stark
Background information
Feature films The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Television programs
Video games LEGO Jurassic World
Park attractions
Actor Peter Stormare
Performance model
Character information
Other names Dieter
Occupation InGen Hunter
Goal To sell dinosaurs and secretly kill the valuable species.
Friends Roland Tembo, Ajay Sidhu, Carter, Peter Ludlow
Enemies Nick Van Owen, Compsognathus
Powers and abilities
Weapons Gun, Stun Rod
Fate Attacked and eaten alive by a pack of Compsognathus
Quote "It's not polite to sneak up on people."

Dieter Stark is a major antagonist in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the sequel to the 1993 classic film Jurassic Park.

He is a hunter of Swedish origin and was part of Peter Ludlow's InGen hunter team. Unlike the other hunters, Dieter was mean, cruel, cocky and sadist, and enjoyed hurting animals even when he wasn't hunting them. Roland Tembo had a bitter dislike of him.

He was portrayed by the Swedish actor Peter Stormare.


Stark was one of the many hunters hired by Ludlow to go to Isla Sorna and trap the dinosaurs in order to get them to the San Diego facility, so that he could create his own vision of John Hammond's failed park. He was appointed as second in command of Roland Tembo, but did not respect him very much, causing both to dislike each other. He was also very anti-social to his comrades as well. In his introductory scene, Dieter scares away a Compsognathus by attacking it with a taser (this foreshadows his later demise caused by a large pack of Compys). When the protagonists free the dinosaurs captured by the hunters and Roland discovers everything, he angrily tells Dieter it's the last time he leaves him in charge. Shortly after, the T-Rexes attack the mobile lab and the hunters have to rescue the heroes, Stark and Nick Van Owen get into a brief fight. However, now that both groups are lost on an island full of dangerous prehistoric creatures, they reluctantly join forces to survive and escape. Later on, when both teams stop for a little rest, Dieter decides to go the forest so he can "go to the ladies room" peacefully, but stumbles upon a Compsognathus. After trying to kill it and failing, he falls down a slope and encounters more Compies. He tries to call for Carter but the little dinosaurs quickly swarm him and begin attacking and wounding him very badly. He tries to fight back by throwing rocks at them, but they keep coming. Finally, the Compies knock Dieter down, surround him and kill and eat him, as the water of a nearby stream turns red. After being gone for a long time, Tembo goes looking for him, and after returning to camp without Stark, is asked if he found him. Tembo replies, "Just the parts they didn't like."


  • Dieter's death is based on John Hammond's death in the original novel
  • When he's attacked by the Compies, he can be heard cursing in Swedish, saying "Helvetes javlar", which translates as Hell's devils.
  • He may be based on Howard King from The Lost World. King was more sympathetic whereas Stark was very cruel and cocky.

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