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Den "King Cobra" Oonuma is the Major Antagonist from Killing Bites who quits to Sumitomo Zaibatsu was now in Ishida. He was tricked by His Former Best Friend, Ryuuji Shiina and had been studying in His School.

He cares about torturing Hitomi Uzaki after She runs away because She has to deals with Takeshi Kido. He is the Bunny Girl's Shooter so far far far enough, This is His only kill for today and was been redeemed to be a Misguidedly Anti Hero.


He is also voiced by the Japanese Voice Actor, Hiroyuki Yoshino.

He was based as Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z who has the Similar Histories between Appearances and Personalities.

He lately became a Good side after Hitomi defeats Her rivalry, Him.

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