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Wade Wilson, also better known as Deadpool, is one of the main antagonists of the comic book series ''Kill the Marvel Universe". He is by far considered the most cruel and evil version of Deadpool.


Deadpool has a clash with the Fantastic Four. After he kills Johnny Storm by slashing his throat, he soon attacks Susan, and Deadpool's head gets destroyed. However, Deadpool rebuilds its head stabs Susan and kills the Fantastic Four. He after committing the cruel homicides, he is taken to boarding school Ravencroft Asylum by the who was nothing less than Psycho Man mab who had brainwashed his patients to do his bidding, and he wanted to do the same with Deadpool. However, after attempts to turn off kill everyone and Deadpool killed Psycho Man by smashing his head. And shortly thereafter, Deadpool kill all the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. After Deadpool killed all the mental instinct patients and staff, Ravencroft Asylum. He then confronts Uatu and kills him with a device from Reed Richard. After that Deadpool leaves a death trail wherever it goes, killing Ghost Rider, Doctor Doom and Howard the Duck. And with that angry Spider Man that Deadpool had killed some of his friends, he resolves to face Deadpool, but what Spider Man did not expect in the fight, Deadpool shoots his head killing him.

After that Deadpool decides he wants more and steals the Pym particles that make him swell in size, thus giving him a chance to put a bomb in the Avengers mansion, and put the bomb in the middle of the meeting room, with that Deadpool kills almost all of them. However, Luke Cage's coffee that explodes using Mjonir against Deadpool, but Deadpool himself uses the Pym particles in the hammer to trap him when the hammer returns to Thor, thus killing him. So Deadpool goes after Hulk, who easily kills him, but thanks to his regeneration Deadpool comes back to life and kills Hulk when he returns to Bruce Banner's form when he's sleeping at dusk.

With this some family members of the victims of Deadpool decide to hire Taskmaster to stop Deadpool and prevent this killing for good. However, Deadpool continues its killing Green Goblin, the Multiple Man, and Future Quartet. After that, Deadpool decides to go mind to kill him, yet Deadpool's mind is so toxic that Professor Xavier ends up brain dead. He then sets a trap for all X-Men, and places Magneto in an acid gelatin, Kitty Pride in a mirror cube, until he finds it. The X-23 and the Daken that when they regenerate the active room the spear calls to keep them in eternal suffering. And then Wolverine and Deadpool start a fierce fight as Deadpool wears the Beast's fur as a cloak. And during the fight, Deadpool says it knew that Wolverine would come back but not for its healing factor but for its popularity and that was its greatest super power, and Deadpool starts breaking the fourth wall as it calls everyone that comes to your story as a bystander. After that Taskmaster starts investigating Deadpool and finds Doctor Stranger and Wong dead, he then finds a spell he uses for Deadpool, and discovers his plan and how to find it.

Soon after, Deadpool uses the Puppet Master's clay, and begins to control all the heroes and villains and make them commit suicide. With that The Punisher tries to get it over with and shoots Deadpool's head, but when he went to see who was there the Puppet Master and not Deadpool, it was all just a trap to attract The Punisher's attention, and he reveals that he used Puppet Master to create the puppets, and soon after Deadpool uses puppets of very powerful being like Silver Surfer, Thanos and Nova and the others and kills them.

After that, Deadpool soon faces Taskmaster, who although he is one of Marvel's greatest, he can't predict Deadpool's moves and is killed by him. Shortly thereafter appears Thing Man, but Deadpool manages to convince him to open the portal of the Multiverse, and he soon enters the real world, he turns to the Marvel written and before he kills them, he says who is seeing this and that after killing the Marvel writers he would go to the rest of the viewers.