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Wade Wilson was born into a highly dysfunctional family.he ran away as a teenager  getting training from various militaries before he decided to be a mercenary.Whenever anything went wrong with his missions he would change his identity .he became the voodoo mercenary T-ray after accidentally Killing a wife,s target and signed up for the weapon x programme  in order to cure his brain cancer.the procedure gave him super human abilities as well as healing factor not unlike Wolverines.Wilson became Deadpool and his occasional willingness to take jobs for suoervillains out him into conflict With many heroes.during Secret Wars  he played a large role in helping to defeat Klaw and Doctor Doom.Deadpool Was later inspired by the hero cable to try and be a better person,stopping his former violent ways  though they would  clash several times after this such as when Deadpool sided with Ironman,s pro-registration heroes during the civil war though Cable defeated him.Deadpool also helped to defend the earth from a skull invasion.Eventually Deadpool discovered he had a daughter Who he showed a very caring and fatherly side too.Deadpool returned to his villainous ways when he took a mission to Assassinate Phil Coulson.