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Deacon Frost is the main antagonist in the 1998 film Blade, the first film in the Blade trilogy.

He is portrayed by Stephen Dorff.


Before, becoming a vampire, Frost was transformed and his goal was to bring glory and dominance to the vampire race and to revive the vampire blood god known as La Magra. And using Blade's blood, Frost also believes that humans are nothing but food. He also leads a faction of renegade vampires who believe that vampires deserve to take over the world. Frost also looks for Blade and he looks for him to perform the ritual; but the Shadow Council, also including Dragonetti who disagrees with its ideologies. However, Frost kills him by exposing him to the sun after torturing him, and in the end when Blade decides to invade Frost's location, he is soon captured and Frost becomes powerful. Blades breaks free and kills all vampires except Frost.

Later Frost and Blade fight against each other, but in the fight Frost is superior to Blade. However, Blade only succeeded in defeating him, injecting several flasks of EDTA into Frost that makes it explode.