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David Richards was a mutant and a villain who appeared in Marvel Comics. He initially appeared as a tragic villain, but he soon became a misantropic and genocidal terrorist and a Marvel antagonists.


David was born in a distorted reality in which the Sentinels hunted mutants just for existing. David was locked up during his teenage years, and even when he was an orphan his power was immense that even Time-Breakers were concerned. Then he would be hunted by Exiles and Weapon X, however he would be saved by Sabretooth who chose to create him after he made a deal with the Time-Breakers. But nevertheless the measures in David became a powerful student, and bring together a group of mutants to overthrow the Sentinels and their cruel dictatorship. David himself became cruel, paranoid and psychotic.

David later fulfilled his dark side and when the Sentinel crusade ended. He was not only happy to free the mutants and the sentinels's powers. He later wanted to punish the humans responsible for creating the Sentinel project. He also forced Blink to activated his teleportation powers, and started killing innocent civilians with his teleportation powers. After the mass kill, and Blink being unable to stop him. He keeps killing him every human he finds. However, his madness came to an end when Sabretooth tracked him down his adopted son and ripped out his heart.