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David Platt Was the Son of Martin Platt and Gail Tilsley. His parents were divorced after Martin had an affair with nurse Rebecca Hopkins but David believed his sister Sarah to be responsible as she had given birth to her daughter Bethany when she was just a teenager. David didn't much like his step-father Richard Hillman who tried to Kill him by driving into the canal.

While Martin and Kevin Webster saved his life this event had a bad effect on David transforming him form a decent kid to a manipulative and cruel young man. David Was unhappy When Gail began dating Phil Nail and tried sabotaging the relationship which ultimately caused a violent reaction from Phil but he managed to lie his way out of it. David later sent letters to Gail posing as Hillman. Gail eventually tricked David and confirmed her suspicions that he was the culprit. She decided against calling the police as she blamed herself for bringing Richard into his life.

David developed a liking for Maria Sutherland who worked for his grandmother Audrey Roberts. He tried using the fact that her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs Was having an affair with Tracy Barlow to blackmail Charlie. Charlie responded by attempting to drown David in a bathtub but was kept from doing so When Maria walked in. Tracy then faked a domestic abuse campaign with the intent of Killing Charlie and claiming it as self-defense after she learned about Maria. When Tracy carried out with her plan David  offered to back her up in exchange for sex. However the prosecution saw through his lies and tore his testimony to shreds

.he was kicked out school after setting fire to the exam paper. David was given a job by Bill Webster but was sacked after he left Sarah's boyfriend Jason Grimshaw on the roof, he was given a second chance but was fired again after he destroyed building materials. Following this David got a job at Audrey's salon. When Bethany inhaled a ecstasy tablet David was holding for his friend Daryl Morton Bethany was sent to the hospital.

David showed surprising remorse and confessed his crime to Jason. When Jason told the other Platts David was disowned by his entire family except Audrey who took him in. Jason and Sarah then infuriated David by banning him from their wedding. He loosens bolts at the builders yard and gave Jason a nasty fall.David ultimately faked a suicide attempt in order to ruin Sarah's wedding and was very happy When it resulted in a rift between her and Gail.

David was given a job offer by his Uncle Stephen Reid in millan. This infuriated Sarah as she believed he didn't deserve it and was later to take the job from her brother when she planted drugs on David.

After learning the truth from Jason Gail apologized for not believing her son. David's relationship With Tina McIntyre seemed to cause an improvement in his behavior but this did not last long. When Tina got pregnant she consulted Gail and chose to get an abortion. David was angry Tina didn't tell him of her decision and angrily pushed Gail down the stairs.

David got Tina to give him an alibi but she left him. David became consumed by guilt over all the misery he was causing and smashed Windows as well as attacking Ken Barlow. He was then sent to young offenders( which he was happy about, feeling he needed to pay for his crimes) while there he became close with his cellmate Graeme Proctor. After being released David pulled himself together and got back together With Tina also getting a job working as a kitchen fitted for her dad Joe.

When Eddie and Anna Windass refused to pay for a kitchen fitted by Joe David, Graeme and Tina ripped the kitchen out to set it on fire. In retaliation Eddie's son Gary and his brother Len tore up Gail's kitchen. When the windlasses later rented a flat from Jerry Morton Gary and David became next door neighbors. Gary flirted With Tina and repeatedly taunted David about his dodgy past.

After a comment Gary made about Martin David lost his temper and punched Gary. Gary then gave David a severe beating Which put him in hospital. Though Tina had witnessed the fight she agreed to lie for David. On Gary's trial Tina admitted the truth and left David as she was tired of lying for him. David Was insecure that Gary would get With Tina and hatched a scheme. He stole Bill's tools then provided Gary with a false alibi in order to demonstrate he no longer had anything against Gary. He then deliberately talked With Graeme about burglaries so Gary Would over hear. David sent Gary to Rob Audrey's then called the police on him leading to Gary serving two months in prison.

When David discovered Joe Was addicted to painkillers he tried using this to blackmail him into persuading Tina to take him back however this didn't work as Tina had no interest in taking him back. David's torment of Joe would end when he was caught robbing the medical centre which revealed His addiction.

David's string of bad luck continued as he was beaten up and learned from Gary that he had arranged it. When Gail was falsely imprisoned for Killing Joe David was supportive and even tried to bribe people to be false witnesses. Despite Tracy's lies about extracting a confession Gail Was ultimately Cleared of all charges. David Was angered When Graeme began seeing Tina and accidentally ran him over with Audrey's car (which he'd stolen). David Revealed he could not even remember running Graeme down but with his past of scheming and manipulation no one believed him. David was diagnosed With epilepsy explaining why he couldn't remember. This fortunately meant he was cleared of all charges. While in holiday for Tenerife David met dancer Kylie Turner Who he fell for and got engaged too. David Tried to help get custody of her son Max from her sister Becky Granger and her husband Steve McDonald. David convinced Social services that Becky and Steve were unfit parents but Steve hit back by revealing that Kylie had sold Max to him and Becky. Despite being horrified by His wife's actions David Stood by her. With Gail's help they were able to have Max placed into their care. David Was surprisingly good and fair towards Max who he came to regard as his own son.

Nevertheless David Still Desired a child of his own. When he made this suggestion to Kylie she rejected it as she wanted to focus on Work. David then drunkenly insulted her for he past as a stripper driving her into bed with his older half-brother Nick Tilsley. David and Kylie made up but Kylie learned she was pregnant she planned to abort the baby as she was fearful Nick was the father but David told her he would never forgive her if she got rid of his child. After discovering the one-night stand he planned revenge on his brother. Before this David has contemplated suicide but snapped out of it after getting a call from Max (having chose to give Kylie a pass).

David led a hate campaign on Nick which included sending flowers to Nick's ex wife Leanne (in order to cause drama between Nick and Leanne's ex-husband Peter Barlow) and calling the police on Nick as well as smashing up Nick's flat (once again letting Peter take the fall). After Nick learned the truth he planned to tell Kylie. Worried that Kylie would leave him if she knew the truth David grabbed the steering-wheel of the car the brothers were in and undid Nick's seatbelt. This caused an accident that left Nick comatose and with severe brain damage.

Kylie gave birth to David's daughter Lily and he was once again rejected at her christening when the truth came out. David helped Kylie get over her drinking problem as it had caused her to neglect Max and Lily. Eventually David got back together While Kylie and Made peace with Nick

.his villainous ways once again died down. When Max Was diagnosed With ADHD David caught Kylie taking his tablets. He let it go but later chucked her out When he found out that she had accepted drugs supplied by Max's father Callum Logan. Callum later turned up to toy With David and started bonding With Max. David tried Keeping Callum away but Max rebelled until David let him see his dad. Sarah created problems for David by beginning a relationship With Callum ignoring he family's warnings about him .D

avid Blackmailed Andy Carver(who had ben posing as the Son of Gail's boyfriend Michael, Gavin Rodwell) into planting drugs in Callum. After seeing Callum drag Andy into a garage David went in there to save him. Callum chose to release David who narrowly avoided a beating.a custody hearing about Max took went badly for David as Callum had learned from Bethany about his troubled past. When Kylie returned he was initially cold to her and only agreed to reconcile so they would have a better chance With Max. However he soon forgave her for real. Sarah dumped Callum after learning that he kept a gun in his flat. Callum Was able to escape punishment by disposing of the weapon. Jason became involved When he warned Callum to stay away from Sarah's family.Callum responded by violently beating Jason. Max witnessed this and reported his father to the police. Callum demanded money to relinquish his rights to Max as he needed to pay off a debt to drug supplier Denton.

When The Platt s refused Callum had some of his thugs wreck David's house as a warning  and threaten Audrey

.Sarah tricked Callum into Coming to David's house hoping to trick him into confessing to his crimes. When Callum saw what she was doing he was furious and attempted to rape her Kylie intervened and Killed Callum in order to defend Sarah.

David helped  hide Callum's body in a manhole in the garage. Kylie Was disturbed by David's indifference over Callum's death and disgusted When he threatened to blame the whole thing on Sarah if she failed to Keep her mouth Shut. David told Kylie their Marriage was over as she clearly thought he was a psychopath but they soon worked through it.

When Tyrone Dobbs drove his truck into the annex at No.8 Callum's body Was exposed. During questioning by the police David pointed the finger in Jason's direction in order to protect Kylie and himself .

Sarha's Ex Todd Grimshaw ultimately Came forward to say Jason's father Tony Stewart had killed Callum which put an end to things. David and Kylie planned to move to Barbados but she was tragically stabbed to death by Clayton Hibbs when attempting to protect her friend Gamma Winter .

David became vengeful and put out posters identifying Clayton as Kylie's Killing as as well as being prepared to Murder Clayton's hospitalized brother Macca before being interrupted. David planned to Kill Clayton by driving his petrol-dosed Car into the police van Clayton Would be in thus killing them both. Gail had Sarah and Nick lock David in a cellar in order to keep him from going through With his plan but he was able to outsmart Gail by feigning suicide Which got her to release him. David swerved his car to avoid Lily casing the car to fall on top of Anna as well as Gary who Saved Lily's life. This scheme resulted in David being threatened  by Anna's boyfriend Kevin Webster and punched by Gary.

David later paid Anna compensation to assuage his guilty conscience. When David's Wallet was stolen by Shona Ramsay he ended up developing feelings for her though he was disgusted To discover she Was Clayton's mother he realized that Kylie's death Was not her fault and they became romantically involved. The relationship took a brief break When Clayton's father Dane revealed that Shona was Clayton's mother to David's children. But after getting encouragement from Max David chose to stay With her. David trained for a charity boxing match in memory of Luke Britton and was trained by local Mechanic Josh Tucker With Who he became particularly Close. David and Josh Kidnapped Lee Mathew in retaliation for a previous attack on Sarah. While on a night out Josh drugged and raped David

.after this David contemplated ending his own life and began lashing out at his family. David Insulted Sarah When she took Gary back after he had cheated on her With Nicola Rubinstein. During the boxing match David fought Gary and brutally beat him within an inch of his life. Gary suspected that David's outburst Was result of PTSD from Kylie's death and visited him at the salon to tell him he should not pushing his family away.

following the suicide of Aidan Connor David Told Shona that Josh had raped him. Having failed to appear in Court for his assault on Gary David was put into jail were he met his cellmate Paul Foreman. David got off With a suspended sentence and community service When Gary defended him in court. During community Service David joined one of the other people there in making homophobic Jones towards local vicar Billy Mayhew. When Billy confronted him David told him about the traumatic event and the two started to form a friendship.

David revealed to Billy that he had been stalking Josh in order to stop him from assaulting a man named Ethan Corrin. Billy chose to Warn Ethan Which resulted in Josh being beat up and left blind. David visited an unconscious Josh in hospital telling him that while he wanted to Kill him he had too much to lose. After learning from Josh's ex girlfriend Alya Nazir that Billy had been housing Josh David angrily confronted him  and called him out on acting out of guilt rather than concern for Josh.

after this Billy chose to kick Josh out. David bundled Josh into a car lying that he had driven him to the police station so he could hand himself in. After seeing Josh in fear David felt he finally had some closure

.When Paul Was released from prison David helped him out by persuading Billy to get him a job. When Audrey's money Was stolen David became suspicious that Nick had been involved as he saw him meeting with the same woman who had been seen stealing Audrey's money on the CCTV angering David. While giving Nick a shave David questioned him about the theft and deliberately cut him after Nick suggested it was Audrey's fault. Nick attempted to blackmail David by threatening to tell the cops about Callum's death. With Audrey desperately needing money to pay for a builders job. Nick suggested David use some of the money to buy the salon but this left him disgusted. After learning that Audrey had  sold the salon to Claudia Colby despite previously promising it would be his it caused David to change his attitude as he blackmailed Nick into using the money to start  a business together and had no intention of paying Audrey Back.

When Brian Packham  was being bullied by deputy -head teacher Phil David Was  among the residents who stood up for him.

David realized Shona and Nick had been hiding things from him. He got Nick to tell him  by smashing an antique mirror. Through this he learned that Clayton had been assaulted in prison and took Shona out to dinner to cheer her up. When Shona decided to attend Dane's funeral When Clayton escaped. David made it Clear he would Kill him if he went anywhere near his Children and was aggravated When Shona expressed concern for Clayton. After Nick told him that Shona had smuggled cocaine into prison he distrusted her but Billy set the record straight by explaining that some of the guests at Dane's funeral had attempted to attack her leading David to forgive Shona.

Clayton took his own Mother hostage and Shona stabbed him in self-defense. David consoled her over her son's injuries and told her not to feel guilty. Realizing how the close he came to losing the woman he loves David proposed Which Shona accepted. When Nick's accomplice Natalie Blackmailed the brothers into giving giving her a job at the barbers. David acted on Nick's instructions to feign an interest in Natalie in order to manipulate her emotions and Keep her quiet. Natalie tried to kiss him but he rejected her out of loyalty to Shona.

he promised not to tell anyone about it but she heard him slagging her off to Nick. Natalie then tricked  a police officer into thinking he had sexually harassed her. When the cop warned him off Shona overheard and thought he was two timing her. In order to keep Shona David admitted the entire situation angering Nick and upsetting the rest of his family

.Nick gave David his share of the barbers  in exchange for David claiming to be the mastermind behind the theft. However while David took Nick's money he told the police the truth and signed the barbers over to Audrey  in order to atone for his betrayal Which moved Shona to forgive him. After learning that Nick planned to use his brain damage as an excuse David lied to his solicitor Imran Habeeb that Nick had been responsible for Sabotaging the factory Underworld's roof which resulted in the death of Imran's sister Rana

.Gail organized a family meeting stipulating that only the person Who was holding her lady ornament was allowed to speak. David Wrestled Nick for control of the lady ornament causing it to to go flying and hit Audrey. Because of this David and Nick Were taken into custody to await trial. David coldly allowed  for Nick to be beaten up in prison. When the drama drove Gail away the brothers blamed each other. David later tried to protect Nick from other prisoners getting himself assaulted. They buried the hatchet and David called Imran to retract his  life about the factory. Nick still tired blaming David during the trial but ultimately his conscience  got the better of him and he confessed to his crime. Because of this David was given a two month sentence.