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Don David Cain, aka Shade, is the main antagonist in the first book of the Gotham Rebelverse, a fanmade continuation of the 12th episode of the TV series Gotham. He is the leader of Cell 6, and the CEO of Cellborn Inc..

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Working with Dwight Pollard Edit

He at first hires his criminal agent, Dwight Pollard, to make Jerome a cult leader. After needing Dwight no longer, he shoots Dwight inside his office.

Cell 6 in action Edit

After his agents from Cell 6 have murdered Kathryn's son, and have delivered his dead body to Cain's palace, David Cain had exposed his plans (to take over Gotham by restarting it's crime war) to Kathryn herself, revealing her that he had infact killed her son. He later followed Kathryn inside the passage, and as she saw her son's head, on the floor of the palace, David had shot Kathryn, presumably killing her.

He later found Edward Nygma's tombstone, which was actually a door to The Riddler's secret lair. As he came in, he found Nygma's ghost, as he asked Nygma to help him create a new crime war. Nygma however refused, stating that crime had caused the corruption of The Penguin and the death of Isabella. As Nygma told Cain that he cannot win the war, David Cain remarked that they shall see who's right, as he left the tomb.

David Cane later met Jim Gordon in the clock tower, and revealed his plan to take over Gotham City for his people, and sacrifice Bruce Wayne to his gods. He then left Gordon to battle with Jerome Valeska in the clock tower, as he traveled to a temple, and used his bomb right near it's entrance. The temple was destroyed within no time.

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