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Daryll Lee Cullum is the main antagonist of the 1995 thriller called Copycat.

He is portrayed by Harry Connick Jr.


Daryll is a serial killer who caught up with a woman psychologist who was giving a talk about the mentality of a serial killer at a university in San Francisco, California. When, without Helen Hudson's knowledge, the criminal psychologist, in which Daryll is a student who escaped from San Quentin State Penitenciary by killing several women and tying them to a tree. He then appears and threatens Helen with a gesture when he disappears, which Helen inform the security guard about the bathrooms to make sure they are safe, the guard doesn't notice anyone except Daryll, who was disguised as a woman.

He then tries to kill her in the bathroom by brandishing her and trying to strangle her. However, a guard tries to intervene and is killed by Cullum with a shot. However, he just didn't have another policeman who can stop him. And Cullum is sent back to San Quentin.

Then while in prison, an impersonator soon begins to kill and copy Cullum's modus operandis, and wishes to kill Helen. However, Peter is killed for straying from the path, and Cullum tries to manipulate to kill Helen.