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Squeak! Who cares? In situations like this everybody dies, not only Mavericks but also Maverick Hunters. Squeak! But just to make sure, I'II kill you myself!
~ Dark Dizzy before with X
Dark Dizzy.jpg

Dark Dizzy or Dark Necrobat in Japan, he is one of the eight Maverick bosses that appears in Megaman X5. He is a Maverick that was created by Sigma, more he escaped and hid.


3 years earlier, Sigma creates Dark Dizzy to help him dominate the world. But some time later he escaped and hid. More Sigma did not think of him as a very serious fighter and let him go and eventually forgot about him. The Maverick Hunters found Dizzy in a planetarium somewhere in northwestern Sudan while they were searching for a Fuel Tank to put on the Space Shuttle. He is later confronted ny the Maverick Hunters, X and Zero for finding that he was sent to cause destruction. Although he proves himself a powerful Maverick, he is defeated at the end. His weakness is the F-Laser with X and with Zero is the C-Flasher.