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Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Performance model
Inspiration Momo
Character information
Other names Damka
Personality evil, cunning, ruthless, demonic, satanic, monstrous, scary, fearsome, megalomaniacal, horrific, abusive, strategic, mischievous, taunting, treacherous, nihilistic, egomaniacal, tyrannical, villainous, sadistic
Occupation Leader of his own army (formerly)
Internet avatar
Affiliations Evil
Goal To become the top Internet villain (failed)
To kill the chosen one and destroy whoever shall stand in his way (failed)
Enemies Harry Denton, Sasha Robins (currenty), Edward Fincher

(currently) Momo

Minions Sasha Robins (lover), Edward Fincher (commander)
Likes Shaming, power, evil, hatred all over the social media, the f* word, laughing an evil laugh
Dislikes Momo, other Internet villain profiles, noobs, kids rebelling him
Powers and abilities

Damka is an Internet villain appearing in his own Wix-site as the main antagonist. He is a ruthless, cunning and horrific admin who intends to create an army and take over the social media. He is also the archenemy of Harry Denton.


Damka is not only the worst nightmare for noobs, but also the coolest kids need to be brave in order to face him. He will stalk on your profiles and he intends to create the monstrous Damka army. Only one true hero can save the world from Damka's wrath, and therefore, it is said that he has to enter the horrific website and say the magic word. If he doesn't, then Damka will shame him to the grave ):


He at first brainwashes Sasha Robins, Edward Finch and many other children to be his enforcers and help him rule the entire cyberverse. Damka orders Edward and his viruses to attack Momo and ruin her. However, Harry Denton stops them and after a long battle, he injures Edward and spares him, thus letting him go back. Edward tells Damka and his queen Sasha about Harry's arrival and informs that Harry is the chosen one. Damka kills Edward, stating that he is a useless noob, and eats his dead body.

Damka then reveals to Sasha his ultimate scheme to become the top cyberverse villain, after she questioned him on killing her former love interest, Harry Denton. She disagrees to kill him, but gets choked by Damka who threatens to devour her soul if she does not kill Harry. After Harry performs a ritual and releases Sasha from her possession, Damka arrives and tries to kill them both. However, they both use their powers to stop Damka from lunging at them and destroying them completely. Damka then starts feeling weak, as the two use their powers not only to block him, but also to stop him. Harry and Sasha enter a cave which shows them the crystal of Damka. Damka asks Sasha not to destroy the crystal, as it will free all the kids from his possession. Sasha and Harry both use their powers of the ying-yang to crush the crystal and break it to peaces. After a successful attempt of doing so, Damka disintegrates and the kids are free.

Link to defeat or join Damka hahahaha!!


  • He is the most horrific and ambitious Internet villain to ever be seen.
  • He attacks noobs, followers who aren't so useful, or anybody to try and defeat him.
  • He was created in 2018