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Damien Thorn is the main antagonist in the Omen trilogy film. He is the son of the Devil of the Bible, and therefore the Antichrist who is destined to cause the apocalypse. When Damien was a child he is just learning to use his powers against the world. And when he aged his influence and charisma expanded until his death.

The Omen: History[]

The Omen[]

Damien Thorn was born of Satanas and a Jackall in Rome at 6 am on June 6, 1971, which is linked to the number 666, the number of the beast. He is then adopted by a packard named Robert Thorn, who after his son died he was unable to overcome the loss and adopted. However, Thorn soon hypnotized the nanny who hangs in the crowd and says that everything is for Damien. After Father Brennan appears and tries to warn Robert about Damien's powers, Robert doesn't listen to him. With that, Father Brennan soon has his end being impaled by a church tower summoned by Satan himself.

After that, a demonic woman would take the place of babysitter, being Mrs. Baylock for the development of Antichrist. After that, Damien's demeanor turns out to be more unnatural, and then Damien kills Katherine by dropping it on a stick after dropping her on the stairs with his min bike, he then kills her by making her fall. After Keith Jennings a photographer begins to question her origins and she and Robert discover a body of Jackal in place of a woman. Confirming that Damien was not from the natural world. After that, Robert discovers that to kill Damien he wants to stab him with seven daggers. During all this, Keith is soon killed by a fleeing truck window that beheaded her. During this, Robert tries to kill Damien, Mrs. Baylock goes to his defense, but was shot dead by the police who arrived at the scene. After that, Damien appears at Katherine and Robert's funeral where he gives an evil smile at the end.

The Omen 2[]

Damien returns as a teenager, and he is enrolled at the Davidson Millitary Academy. He was chosen to succeed his uncle's business, but a satanist wants him to kill his cousin Mark to start his reign of terror, Damien accidentally shows his powers at the military school. After he was reprimanded by the satanist for not using his powers, he then in the beginning he rejects his powers out of fear, but after reflection he begins to conspire to conquer.

Afther several of the students and Damien are infected, and when the doctor examines Damien's skeleton, he soon realizes that he has an internal system similar to a jackal, horrified by that, he has to warn the authorities, but he is killed by the Devil, while the elevator was deifeituous. Then as his powers grow, he then kills his cousin Mark, when he threatens to tell his secret. After that, Richard is horrified and tries to kill Damien with a dagger, but his wife betrays him by revealing herself to be a satanist and kills him. However, she is betrayed by Damien who attacks the house with her alive, while he is rescued by the police.

The Omen 3[]

As an adult, Damien a polician and a charismatic leader, he commands a multitude of Satanic apostles known as ''Disciple of the Watch'', who tried to take over the world - including going so far he learned of Messiah's coming, he soon used Hellhound to manipulate Barbara Dean to kill her husband, Harvey and their son with a hot iron. Later, he rapes journalist Kate Reynolds with whom he romantically became involved and manipulates his son Peter to be his disciple, but later and uses him as a human shield against father De Carlo when he tries to stab fate and was killed by three daggers and lying in the image of Jesus.


Although Damien Thorn's death died in Omen III, he was succeeded by two sons Delia York and his younger twin brother Alecander York.

The Omen: Remake[]

A 2006 film was released as the remake of The Omen trilogy.


He had all the qualities of an Antichrist being evil, cruel, sadistic and narcissistic. He was afraid of the fate of being killed by Messiah and tried to do everything to stop him, but in the end it proved to be his downfall.



  • Damien's birthday, along with his month and time. It mentions the number 666 the mask of the Devil.