Daddy Topps (also known as Topsy and Cera's Dad and mostly known as Mr. Threehorn) is one of the main characters in the Land Before Time franchise. He is Cera's father.

Voice Actors of this characterEdit

He was voiced by Burke Byrnes in the first film which is his first role as a character in an animated film, then he was voiced by the late John Ingle in the rest of the franchise and then he was voiced by George Ball in the fourteenth film. 


  • The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists is the only Land Before Time film where Topps makes a cameo and doesn't speak.
  • In The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration, Daddy Topps was shown to kick his legs in his sleep.
  • He is similar to Marlin from Finding Nemo as both lost their wifes and kids and both only have one child left.