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D-6 is a minor antagonist who appeared in Avatar arc in Fairy Tail, and a member of the Avatar cult.


Avatar arc[]

Along with several cult members, D-6 appeared at the meeting and along with other Avatar elite forces discussing Gray's loyalty if he is a traitor. Then when Natsu, Happy and Lucy invade Avatar's territory to confront Gray, he easily defeats Abel and Goumon, D-6 tries to attack him but is easily defeated with a single blow. Later when Operation Purigication begins he and the other cult members are attacked by Erza, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy and especially Gray who reveals his betrayal. And later when Ikusa-Tsunagi is easily destroyed by Natsu, D-6 and Abel try to escape with the other members, but are fired by Gajeel and Panthelily who are subsequently arrested.