Background information
Feature films Wreck-It Ralph
Television programs
Video games Wreck-It Ralph
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Vicious, wild
Appearance Robotic bug, six apendages, fangs, green tail
Occupation Robotic bug
Goal To feed and reproduce (all failed).
Home Hero's Duty
Friends Turbo (after he becomes a Cy-Bug)
Enemies Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Sergeant Calhoun, Fix-It Felix
Likes Eating
Dislikes Their prey escaping
Powers and abilities Can assimilate into what they eat, flight
Weapons Fangs
Fate Gets vaporized by the diet cola volcano
Typical Saying

The Cy-Bugs are the tertiary antagonists in the 2012 Disney film Wreck-It Ralph and the secondary antagonists of its video game, having their queen as the main antagonist. They are robotic bugs from the game Hero's Duty, and their only goal is to eat and reproduce. Their leader is the Queen Cy-Bug.

Role in the filmEdit

The Cy-Bugs first appear when Ralph, disguised as a Marine, enters Hero's Duty to retrieve the Medal of Heroes. However, he is caught off-guard by the Cy-Bug swarm in the game and is nearly killed after one consumes his gun. In his struggle to get to safety, he uses the first-person shooter to shield himself, resulting in a Cy-Bug attacking it and ending the game. Just as the Cy-Bug continues to attack Ralph, the beacon is activated and the swarm mindlessly flies into it, destroying them. Soon after, Ralph breaks into the tower and manages to retrieve the medal, but unintentionally steps on a Cy-Bug egg, hatching it. The baby Cy-Bug promptly attacks him and the two stumble into an escape pod, which launches to two out of the game into into Sugar Rush, a candy-themed racing game. The rapidly-growing Cy-Bug presses the ejection button, which launches the two out of the pod and the bug lands in the taffy swamp and supposedly drowns.

However, the Cy-Bug survives and multiplies and in the space of a few hours, it creates a large horde underground. Sergeant Calhoun, the leader of the Marines, discovers it's nest and orders the candy citizens to evacuate from Sugar Rush. At that point, the horde erupts from the ground and attacks Sugar Rush. During the attack, a glitch in Sugar Rush, Vanellope von Schweetz, and King Candy are trapped in Sugar Rush, and Candy is devoured by a Cy-Bug. As the swarm makes its way into Game Central Station, Ralph is given the idea of erupting Diet Cola Volcano, which will attract the horde into it. However, as he attempts to erupt it, King Candy, assimilated into a Cy-Bug, attacks him and voices his plan to take control of the arcade with the assistance of his Cy-Bug army. King Candy tries to force Ralph to watch Vanellope killed by the swarm, but he manages to break free of King Candy's grasp and plummets into Diet Cola volcano, intending to sacrifice himself to erupt it. Luckily, Vanellope rescues him before he is killed, and the volcano erupts, attracting the entire swarm, including King Candy, into it, destroying them.

Personality Edit

The Cy-Bugs are very vicious and brutal. They are just viruses and killing machines, and they will not stop. A villain by the name of Turbo is far worse than that.