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Creator Luni is the Extravagant Protagonist from Gacha League who makes Her Debut in Anime Gacha as One of the Future Punk. She also appears in Gacha World as a Supporting Antagonist of Gacha Summoner, Gacha Resorts, Anime Fidget Spinner and Gacha Memories as a Now Remain Protagonist with Her Sidekick, Succubus Lilith.

She can be Presets in Gacha Studios, Gachaverse, Gacha Life, Gacha Life 2 - The Club and Gacha Life 3 - The WonderEnd. She was a 5-Star Water Unit and Creator of Lunime who is the Daughter of late Dr. Gacha and Twin Younger Sister of late Aqua (also the Elder Sister of Mystery Syna).

In Her Previous Flashback, She is the Younger Sister-in-Law "No Longer Wife" of Sol who is the Son of late Mr. Whale (also the Elder Brother of Blaz and Cele). Luni is also a Niece "Stepmother" of Pandora before She was arrested by Ms. Jessie and David for Her hideous crimes was Now a Fiancee of Lucas Lee with His Perfect Relationships.

She is also voiced by the Japanese Voice Actress, Satsuki Yukino who is also known as Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha. In Dub titles, She is also voiced by the English Voice Actress, Jamie who also voices herself in Gacha Memories.


She seems to cares about Herself in orders to makes Everyone Clears, She has deeds to kills Someone else who ever breaks the Laws. Her Best Friend is Succubus Lilith who is a Powerful Succubus in the Demonic Nightmare and is One of the Powerful Creators the Others was Kitsune Mitsuko and Ellie The Fairy.


  • Creator Luni was the Game Creator's initial avatar. He has since created Lucas Lee, who may be more presumed similar to Him in Real Life.
  • She can be founded in Gacha Club in the Duck Club, however, renamed as "GW Luni" and that was before Her redemption.
  • In Gacha Memories, She has a Duck named Daisy being One of the Pet that She invents.
  • She improves Her Toxic Behavior after Gacha Summoner is back at 10-Star Unit in orders to keeps controls of Her egos. This would probably mean that "Final Boss" was the Crime-Lord of corrupting All of the Heroes leaded by Hwr Former Lover, Sol.

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