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Craster was a character which appeared in Game Of Thrones and in book Song Of Ice And Fire, although his a in much villains cruels of serie. He currently serves how secondary antagonist. 


Craster's father was an man of Night's Watch and Craster's mother was a wildling in village of Whitetree. The father his abadoned him, and his mother tried take along Craster to Castle Black, she eventually was chased off for members of Night's Watch. 

Craster had a fortless in Far North. Where he was living with his nineteen wives, majority of his wives was daughter Craster's, also when born son male he simply sacrificed by White Walkers.    

Season 2

A Clash of Kings

Craster allowed which Night's Watch could stay in his fortless. He provinded information to Mormont about the location of Mance Rayder, he claimed not have viewed Benjen Stark for three years. He also for have had disagreements with Jon Snow how had called Jon of bastard as if he own not were.    

Season 3 

A Storm of Swords 

Craster being stabbed by Karl

After the Battle of the First of the First Men, Craster also allowed which they pass in his fortless the night, this time with many member of guard. They believed what Craster was catching the food their, Craster already irritated with Rast and Karl Tanner after the insult, after Karl insults Craster but a time which he without go to attack Karl more he killed Craster and Mormont also, and they end taking the fortless of Craster with Karl how leader. 


  • Craster is similar to Tsuneyoshi Washu (Tokyo Ghoul series) how both are commit incest with his daughter and their acts are viewed as disgusting to other.