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Craig O'Laughlin is a major antagonist who appeared in The Mentalist, he was also an FBI agent and a recurring character in the series.


O'Laughlin began a relationship with Van Pelt after she and Wayne Rigsby split up. However, their relationship progressed and they became engaged. But nevetheless in the shooting she had not realized it, but Rigsby did.

However, in the episode ''Strawberries and Cream'' it is revealed that O'Laughlin is the accomplice of Red John and that he who killed Todd Johnson and framed Madeleine Hightower who was hidden by Jane. After that, O'Laughlin kills two policemen and shoots Lisbon, who injures her in the shoulder, but when he went to kill Hightower and Van Pelt, Lisbon throws a pillow at him, and Van Pelt and Hightower shoot him, killing him.