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Copper is one of the main characters in The Fox and the Hound and it's midquel. He is Tod's best friend, Amos Slade's youngest pet dog and Chief's adoptive son.

Despite being a protagonist, he becomes the tertiary antagonist of the first film when he helps Amos Slade try to kill his own friend, Tod and he also tried to kill Tod's girlfriend, Vixey. However, he later reforms as he protects Tod from his master Amos Slade, then Tod and Copper became friends again.

In the original film, he was voiced by Corey Fieldman as a puppy and voiced by Kurt Russel as an adult. In the midquel, he was voiced by Harrison Fahn.


  • Despite being Amos Slade's youngest dog, Copper is the oldest pet dog of The Master's while Chief was The Master's youngest dog in the book.
  • Copper is called Toby in Italy, Spain and Brazil.
  • Copper's name is sometimes spelt as Cooper.
  • Although Copper likes Chief in the first film and the midquel, he was shown to hate him in the book.
  • Although Copper is Tod's best friend, there is a fact that they both should be natural enemies.