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Clifford Devoe or also known as Thinker is the main antagonist of the fourth season of The Flash. He was mentioned once in one of the episodes of the third season by Savitar. He was also primarily responsable for the metahumans having their powers on the bus. In an attempt to gain more and more power.


Before being struck by lightning just like Barry Allen, Devoe had a peaceful, good and kind personality. But when after the particle rays accident. Devoe's personality changed dramatically, he became more wise and without emotions. And as time goes by, he also showed s feeling of misanthropy towards human things, as well as contempt. He also showed himself to be thirsty for power, seeing that when he showed interest in the metahumans of the bus that was orchestrated by him, Devoe also showed himself cruel, seen as he killed civilians without thinking twice, and abusive towards his wife Marlize, often erasing your memory if it is not obeyed.


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  • The Weeper:



Before Devoe was a metahuman with the ability of super intelligence he was a professor at a college and married his student, Marlize Devoe. He somehow gained his powers as a metahuman on the same day that Barry Allen became a speedster. He began to study Barry Allen, including this that made Devoe aware of the existence of main villains of Barry Allen, like Reverse Flash, Zoom and Savitar. He also gathered all the humans on the bus and calculated precisely when Barry Allen would run and turn them into metahumans as well, which happened. He began to spy on all the events of the metahumans he had created, and his struggles against Barry Allen, he also ensured that all metahumans who were detained by Barry Allen went to a prison that he himself showed would be where he would go absorb your powers.

Meeting with Barry Allen/The Flash

Then when Barry through the Wells's council from other altenative lands finds out who Devoe is, Barry goes to where Devoe is. However, Devoe was already waiting for his presence and manages to cover his tracks without any difficulties, Team Flash, soon try with the skills of Cisco Ramon to know something about Devoe. However, this proves useless, when Devoe himself was shown to deal with the powers of the Vibe. Obsessed with detaining Devoe, he is soon framed by Devoe, who takes over Dominic Lanse's body, and Barry is arrested. During the trial Barry gets life imprisonment.

Absorbing the Metahumans from the Bus

Later when Barry along with the metahumans on the bus try to escape, they are soon stopped by Gregory Wolfe, a corrupt Iron Heights Prison, and also a partner of Amunet Black, who intended to sell the metahumans, including Barry Allen whom he discovered to be The Flash through the cameras. However, Devoe would continue to pick up other hosts, before going to Dipny, he went inside Izzy Bowin and Edwin Gaus, and when he went to Ralph Dibny he could soon assume his real appearance, like Clifford Devoe.

Confrontation with Barry

Devoe soon begins his plan to eradicate humanity, leaving them stupid and without intelligence. However, with Marlize's help, Barry manages to get inside Ralph and manages to get Ralph to command his body again and Devoe dies.



  • Devoe is similar to Damian Darhk in that both in his series, both also become the main antagonists of the upcoming seasons.