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Cletus Samson is one of the psychopaths that appears in Dead Rising. He is a paranoid gun store owner who refuses to hand over the guns to anyone because he believed they are trying to steal it.

Cletus was portrayed by Bill Farmer.


When Frank West and another survivor named James try to convince Cletus to listen to him, yet however, Cletus tells them that he does not trust humans more than zombies. More soon in the followed Cletus threatened James to stay away from him. More James ignored the warning and walked toward him, then Cletus shoots him to his chest and kills him. Soon after, Cletus aimed a shotgun at Frank and said he could not afford to trust anyone.

After Cletus is defeated, Cletus flees from his shop, he warns Frank why he wants such bad weapons that he was willing to kill for them, Cletus then stunned James, he is then devoured alive.


  • While Cletus dies in the official game, in the version of Wii Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drog, gives the player in the option to save Cletus if the player chooses it, Cletus becomes an ally and opens an arms shop to sell and repair his broken weapon.