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Claire Dunbar was a psychotic-serial killer that appeared in the Criminal Minds in episode ''If the Shoe Fits''. She is the main antagonist of this episode.



Claire was born on January 28, 1990, her mother Jennifer went to a psychiatric hospital, causing Claire to be raised by her pedophile father named Edward Dunbar that his favorite target was his daughter, Claire, she laugher to read stories to sleep whem her father was not abusing her and one of her main story is Cinderella a famous fairy tales. His father abandoned his daughter when he lost his job, leaving her alone at the mall, he also left a note of apology attached to his blouse. She ended up going to foster homes because of that. His father died of a heart attack in 2005 when he was still imprisoned. She got a job as a seamstress in a laundry room. She also had a friction with her boss because she did not have work ethic and she steal clothes that were dropped, she also made friends with the son of his boss, Chris Jansen who also works in the laundry with her and who took pity on her and a fall for her, she also visited a woman who died in 1923.

Because of the abandonment, her mind became more and more unstable and she was so unbalanced that she thought she was Cinderella. She was struck by a car of a man named Douglas Clark a homosexual student who dated women in disguise for their sexual lifestyle. She then went out with him, believing she could find her prince enchanted, however she soon discovered that Douglas was lying to himself and that he was wearing it, she was then furious and killed him brutally with needles in the neck and pierced him with a gardening scissors being thus killing him.

Criminal Minds: Season 10[]

If the Shoe Fits[]

She then killed her second victim Kevin Brubaker, who recorded other college students while he had sex with them while he distributed his videos online, the BAU arrives to investigate the death of Douglas Clark who was initially linked to im hit-and-run that was not related to a conflict of university students and residents of the area. Claire is later seen reading a novel on the campus of a college when a student arrives named Colin Baylor and flirting with her impressing her, Claire takes him to her house ties him up after entering the bathroom, she is then furious with him to discover that he is only wanted to have sex with her, Claire then kills him. She later arrives late to her payment which is criticized by her boss. Chris then offers to compensate and call to see a movie, plus Claire says she already has a date and steals a dress without anyone is looking. She then met a man named John Franklin in a bar, he then flirts with her, the two leave after the car, he then tries to force her to have sex with him, Claire then attacks him both get out of the car and she hurts him with a stone, and then she stabs him in the neck and kills him. He gets caught and she is forced to take off her shoes while she runs away. The next day, Claire appears cutting flowers with her gardening scissors when Chris tells her to return the dress she will be fired. After telling Chris that she will leave flowers in her father's grave, he then offers himself for a ride, that Chris takes her. When she arrives at the cemetery, she talks to Chris and puts flowers in her father's grave. Claire then fills up to see her fancy being challenged and assaults Chris with vase on her head so she threatens him with her gardening scissors. But when JJ and and Reid arrives, Reid begins acting like the charmed prince and manages to take her to the police without her doing anything, she then thought she would go to a carriage that in true was actually a police car, she was later intitutionalized in a psychiatric hospital.